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All in One Inverter Heat Pump (Heating+Cooling+DHW)

So it inside has 2 heat exchanger separately for heating/cooling and hot water,
so it can sure 100% Heat recovery for hot water when cooling model running, so
hot water get it free, no need user pay any money.
Capacity range from 12kW/15kW/25kW/30kW meets to buyer different room size
using. All in one inverter heat pump as 4th generation heating /cooling
products, this is more safe & clean energy, water /electric separately, cold
water/ hot water to sure room inside temperature more Comfortable and Just
right humidity to sure room air do not dry.

It can connect underfloor heating, radiator heating, fan coil cooling,
250L~500L hot water tank. So one PCS all in one inverter heat pump can solve
one big home building different room ( 5-10 rooms ) size heating loading .also
can offer around 5 people for hot water shower using.

All in one inverter heat pump( Heating+Cooling+DHW ) is a kind of air
conditioning and hot water equipment, which uses air as a cold (hot) source,
and provides various functions such as heating, air conditioning and domestic
hot water for indoor space. Through the input of a small amount of high-grade
energy (such as electric energy), the all in one heating and cooling units use
water as the carrier and the heat is released into the air through the carrier
in the cooling season in the summer cooling season, and the carrier is cooled,
so as to achieve the cooling and dehumidification of the room. The system can
get the cooling amount of 3.5KW for every 1KW energy consumption and obtain the
living hot water for free. In winter, the system absorbs heat from the air and
releases heat into the room through the carrier to meet the needs of indoor
heating. Flexible and clever conversion of air conditioning, hot water, and
heating is the greatest features of air supply.

The new generation of touchscreen multi-function controller has the function of
self-control temperature control, stepless water level control, and intelligent
frost function. The water can reach the hot water temperature directly by the
water entering the unit. The effect of frost-free defrost and no defrosting
will be induced by the unit.

Low initial investment: a system completely solves the problem of air
conditioning and hot water, saves the investment of hot water equipment, and
saves a lot of costs compared to the two systems of traditional air
conditioning and hot water.

When all in one heat pump runs refrigeration plus hot water mode, the heat that
needs to be released to the outside world when refrigerating is used to heat
the living hot water, with the fully effective utilization of cooling and
heating, the comprehensive energy efficiency ratio is up to 7.0.

Low operating cost: when operating refrigeration + heating water mode, the hot
water is completely free, the overall cost of air conditioning and hot water is
20% lower than the individual air conditioner and water heater.

The fully intelligent control system: the equipment can run intelligently once
the installation is completed and debugged; the power stop memory function can
realize the automatic storage equipment operation parameters after the
blackout, and then automatically restore the function before the power stop.
And functions like unmanned, automatic unloading, automatic anti-freeze, ensure
the equipment worry-free operation in four weather; super large LCD screen
enables water temperature, ring temperature, the system temperature to check
any time, which makes the real-time current and running to be apparent to the

The Advantage of All in One Inverter Heat Pump

1. Network location remote monitoring
The all in one heating and cooling system can realize remote monitoring of
network positioning, PC centralized operation and control, the realization of
the remote monitoring mode of the earth village, the joint control mode of
multi module equipment, and the real realization of unlimited equipment

2. Safety, environmental protection, energy saving and pollution-free
The complete separation of water and electricity prevents the occurrence of
accidents caused by electricity leakage. There is no burning matter, which
prevents the poisoning of human body caused by harmful gases such as carbon
monoxide. There is no emission of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, waste gas,
waste water and waste residue, and it is friendly to the natural environment.
There is no flammable and explosive safety hazard, which has increased social
harmony. It can save 60% and 40% of energy consumption compared with the
electric boiler and fuel and gas boiler. And it is the perfect partner with
solar energy.

3. Being super reliable and super stable
The perfect combination of the independent patents and international first-
class brand system components, through the continuous tracking and recording by
the technical team day and night, and numerous laboratory enthalpy difference
tests, all ensure 480 hours of barrier-free benign operation of the equipment.

4. Super energy saving and ultra-environmental protection
The equipment is integrated with the international first-class high-quality
components, coupled with the leading superconducting high-temperature
processing technology, digital smart throttle technology, with the heat
collector area that is more than the conventional evaporation, and 1.6 times of
condensation, so the energy efficiency is ensured to be up to 4.5. The opening
and stopping function of the time period is more conducive to the selection of
peak and off-peak electricity, making it more economical and more economical.
International high-temperature environmental protection refrigerants will cause
no pollution to the environment and the atmosphere.

SUNCHI provides 30kw heat pump,all in one heat pump system,dhw heat pump and
sunchi energy,contact us now.

Minimum Order: 4000 pieces

All in One Inverter Heat Pump (Heating+Cooling+DHW)
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