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Amniocentesis (BGI prenatal test)


Miscarriage. Second-trimester amniocentesis carries a slight danger of
losing the unborn baby-- about 0.1 to 0.3 percent. Research study recommends
that the risk of pregnancy loss is greater for amniocentesis done prior to
15 weeks of maternity.
Needle injury. Throughout amniocentesis, the infant could relocate an arm or
leg into the course of the needle. Significant needle injuries are uncommon,
Rh sensitization. Seldom, amniocentesis might create the infant's blood
cells to go into the mother's blood stream. If you have Rh adverse blood and
also you have not created antibodies to Rh favorable blood, you'll be
provided an injection of a blood product called Rh immune globulin after
amniocentesis. This will certainly avoid your body from generating Rh
antibodies that can cross the placenta and harm your infant's red cell. A
blood test can detect if you've started to produce antibodies.
Infection. Very hardly ever, amniocentesis might cause a uterine infection.
Infection transmission. If you have an infection-- such as hepatitis C,
toxoplasmosis or HIV/AIDS -- the infection may be transferred to your baby
during amniocentesis.
Keep in mind, hereditary amniocentesis is normally used when the examination
results could have a considerable effect on monitoring of the maternity.
Inevitably, the choice to have hereditary amniocentesis is up to you. Your
health care supplier or genetic therapist can assist you weigh all the
consider the decision.
How you prepare
If you're having amniocentesis done before week 20 of maternity, it could be
practical to have your bladder full throughout the procedure to sustain the
uterus. Drink plenty of liquids before your consultation. After 20 weeks of
pregnancy, your bladder should be vacant during amniocentesis to lessen the
possibility of puncture.
Your health care supplier will clarify the treatment and ask you to
authorize an approval kind prior to the treatment begins. Consider asking a
person to accompany you to the visit for emotional support or to drive you
home afterward.
What you can expect
Amniocentesis is usually performed in an outpatient obstetric facility.
During the treatment
Initially, your health care carrier will certainly utilize ultrasound to
identify the baby's precise place in your womb. You'll push your back on an
examination table and expose your abdomen. Your health care service provider
will use a gel to your abdomen and then utilize a little tool called an
ultrasound transducer to reveal your baby's setting on a display.
Next, your healthcare supplier will clean your abdomen with an
antibacterial. Normally, anesthetic isn't utilized. A lot of ladies report
just light discomfort during the treatment
Assisted by ultrasound, your healthcare service provider will certainly
place a thin, hollow needle via your stomach wall surface and also right
into the uterus. A percentage of amniotic fluid will be withdrawn into a
syringe, and the needle will be removed. The specific quantity of amniotic
liquid withdrawn depends upon the variety of weeks the maternity has
actually progressed.
You'll need to lie still while the needle is put and the amniotic fluid is
taken out. You could observe a painful sensation when the needle enters your
skin, and also you might really feel cramping when the needle enters your
After the procedure.
After amniocentesis, your healthcare carrier will certainly continue using
the ultrasound to monitor your child's heart rate. You could experience
cramping or moderate pelvic discomfort after an amniocentesis.
You can resume your normal activity level after the treatment. However, you
may consider staying clear of arduous exercise and sexual activity for a day
or 2.
At the same time, the sample of amniotic liquid will be examined in a
laboratory. Some outcomes might be available within a couple of days. Other
results might occupy to 4 weeks.
Call your health care service provider if you have:
Loss of or vaginal bleeding or loss of amniotic liquid via the vagina
Severe uterine cramping that lasts more than a few hrs
Inflammation and also inflammation where the needle was put.
Uncommon fetal task or a lack of fetal motion.
Your health care provider or a hereditary counselor will certainly aid you
comprehend your amniocentesis outcomes.
For genetic amniocentesis, test results can accurately eliminate or detect
various hereditary conditions, such as Down disorder. Nonetheless,
amniocentesis can't identify all hereditary problems and also abnormality.
If amniocentesis shows that your infant has a chromosomal or genetic
condition that can't be dealt with, you could deal with wrenching decisions-
- such as whether to continue the pregnancy. Look for assistance from your
healthcare group and also your enjoyed ones.
For fetal lung maturation amniocentesis, examination outcomes can dependably
indicate a baby's lung maturity. If you require to supply the child early,
this details can use confidence that your child awaits birth.

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Amniocentesis  (BGI prenatal test)
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