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Automated Mobile Jacking Transfer Robots SJV-SW500

Automated Mobile Jacking Transfer Robots SJV-SW500
Laser Slam Omni-directional Latent Automated Mobile Robots SJV-SW500, equipped
with SRC series core controller, has an ultra-low chassis, so that it can drill
into the shelf for jacking and transfer with a limit load of 600kg. This AMR
transport tracking robot has various navigation methods and flexible
deployment. Its slim body enables to move in all directions easily. SEER Group,
one of the professional autonomous mobile robots companies, manufactures
autonomous and mobile robotics of high quality.

Descriptions of Automated Mobile Jacking Transfer Robots SJV-SW500
Rotating Tray
The pallet can be rotated 360° arbitrarily to control the states of the goods.
Stable Navigation
Built-in industrial-grade WiFi client equipment makes network data interaction
more stable.
Shelf Identification
The location and posture of the pallet are accurately and autonomously
identified through the pallet identification sensor. Efficient and precise
forking of cargoes can be realized even if the pallet is moved.
Autonomous Charging
Automatic charging is supported, requiring no staff intervention during the
charging operation.

Specifications of Automated Mobile Jacking Transfer Robots SJV-SW500
Basic parameters    
Product model SJV-SW500  
Navigation method Laser SLAM  
Drive mode Two-wheel differential  
Shell color Blue/ Customized color  
L*W*H 924*762*300mm  
Rotation diameter 1035mm  
Weight (with battery) 200kg  
Load capacity 500kg  
Chassis ground clearance 25mm  
Jacking platform dimensions Ø600mm  
Maximum jacking height 60±2mm  
jacking time 8±0.5s  
Laser scanning height 159mm  
Network Ethernet / Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac  
Ambient temperature and humidity range TEMP: 0-50℃ / RH: 10-90%, no
compression, no condensation  
IP rating[1] IP20  
Performance parameters    
Passability (slope/step/gap)[2] ≤5%/5mm/30mm  
Minimum passable width 880mm  
Navigation position accuracy[3] ±5mm  
Navigation angle accuracy[3] ±0.5°  
Navigation speed ≤1.6m/s  
Map area (single frame) ≤400000m²  
Battery parameters    
Battery specifications 48/40 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)V/Ah  
Comprehensive battery life 10h  
Charging time (10-80%) ≤1.5h  
Charging method Manual/Automatic  
Battery cycle number > 2000  
Lidar number 1(SICK nanoScan3 / P+F R2000-HD)  
Cargo detection ×  
E-stop button √  
Speaker √  
Atmosphere light √  
Bumper strip √  
Basic functions[4] √  
Wi-Fi roaming √  
Automatic charging[5] √  
Shelf recognition √  
Spin[6] √  
Precise location with QR code[7] 〇  
QR code navigation[8] 〇  
Laser reflector navigation 〇  
UN38.3 √  
RoHS √  

The road surface should be smooth, clean and free of obvious ups and downs.
Slope 5% = arctan (0.05) ≈ 2.8°. The robot must not stop or turn at the
ramps, steps, or gaps, but can pass quickly perpendicular to them.
The localization accuracy is affected by environment, ground, etc. Please refer
to the localization accuracy interpretation in the final technical agreement.
Basic functions include but are not limited to map editing, model editing,
localization module, navigation module and API interface.
Need to be used with a dedicated automatic charging pile.
Need to be used with Pepperl + Fuchs PGV100-F200A-R4-V19 QR code scanner.
SJV-SW500 is designed for indoor transportation only and is not recommended for
outdoor use.

Seers group is a professional autonomous mobile robots manufacturers, we
provide agv reach truck, amr forklift and etc. Want to know more? Contact us.
Automated Mobile Jacking Transfer Robots SJV-SW500
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