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Contact: Mr. Liu
Company: Huanghua Fangzheng Welding Equipment CO., Ltd
Economy and Technology Developing Zone, Huanghua City, Hebei Province, China
Phone: 86-317-5320355
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Date/Time:  7/12/21 10:39 GMT

Automatically Bending 3-6mm Fence Mesh Machine Wire Mesh Making Machine

Automatically Bending 3-6mm Fence Wire Mesh Welding Machine

According to the welding principle, FZ Wire Mesh Welding Machine can be divided
into pneumatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine and mechanical Wire Mesh Welding Machine.
For the wire diameter more than 4mm, pneumatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine uses the
cylinder to finish the welding. Mechanical drive leads the main beam under pressure
to weld, that is the production process of mechanical Wire Mesh Welding Machine, it
is suitable for the wire diameter below 4mm. You can choose the reasonable machine
according to the welding principle of different diameter.

In order to meet the needs of your business development, reduce labor costs and
improve production efficiency, our company will customize the following equipment
in combination with your existing conditions and needs to meet the efficient
production of wire mesh.

Item Product type Parameter Remark
1 Max. welding capacity ¢ 6+6mm
2 Long wire diameter ¢3-6mm
3 Cross wire diameter ¢3-6mm
4 Long wire feeding method In pre-cut
5 Cross wire feeding method In pre-cut
6 Long wire spacing ≥50mm Mechanically adjustments
7 Cross wire spacing ≥50mm Programming adjustments
8 Length range of wire mesh 1230-1730mm Adjustable
9 Width range of wire mesh ≤2500mm Adjustable
10 Number of welding spot 51PCS
11 Working speed max. 40—60times/min

The Wire Mesh Welding Machine bending range of mesh width Is 2500mm. It can be
adjusted according to Wire Mesh Welding Machine user needs.

The bending speed of wire mesh welding machine is controlled by the PLC.

Wire mesh welding machine can realize on-line bending function.

The Wire Mesh Welding Machine automatically packing device is composed of mesh
turning plate, mesh dragging device and transporting orbit.

During the Wire Mesh Welding Machine welding process, the dragging hook will clamp
the mesh and fastly move to the turning plate and the turning plate driven by the
cylinder will drop the mesh on the transporting orbit.

When the Wire Mesh Welding Machine mesh packing to a certain height, the
transporting orbit will transmit the meshes out of the position, which has the
accounting function.
Automatically Bending 3-6mm Fence Mesh Machine Wire Mesh Making Machine
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