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Automotive Precision Machining

Which car parts are best produced by machining?---Swiss Machined Automotive
As a professional precision parts machining expert with over 20 years of
experience, Falcon has manufactured many automotive parts with tight tolerance,
such as screws, bolts, fasteners, couplings, bushings, accessories, flanges,
inserts, valve cores, valve stems, reverse shafts, throttle shafts, worm gears,
transmission shafts, suspension components, cylinder heads, exhaust systems, and
other parts.

5 Materials Mainly Used - What materials are used in automotive CNC machining?
Automotive parts must have excellent heat and weather resistance, dimensional
stability, and impact resistance. 45 # steel, carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum
and aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys, brass, bronze, and engineering
plastics are widely used in the manufacturing of automotive parts.

45 # steel ——"45# steel" is a type of high-quality carbon structural steel with
a nominal carbon content of 0.45%.45# steel is widely used in various industries
due to its excellent mechanical properties, such as high strength, good toughness,
and high wear resistance. It is often used to manufacture gears, shafts, bolts,
nuts, and other components that require high strength and durability.

Cast Iron ——Cast iron is an easy-to-process and inexpensive material with good
castability, wear resistance, and machinability, making it the most popular
material in the automotive industry. It's mainly used to make auto parts like
cylinder blocks, cylinder sleeves, piston rings, rear axle housing, etc.

Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy ——Aluminum alloys have obvious advantages in
strength shaping and heat resistance. It is commonly used to make cylinder blocks,
cylinder heads, tire rims, engine pistons, and so on.

Copper and Copper Alloy ——Some automotive parts require high standards for
thermal conductivity, welding performance, and corrosion resistance. At this
point, the possibility of choosing copper material will greatly increase. We often
use pressure processing methods to make radiator parts in automotive engines; And
using casting methods to make wear-resistant parts such as bearings and turbines.

Engineering Plastics——Engineering plastics have excellent heat and weather
resistance, dimensional stability, and impact resistance, including ABS, PEEK,
POM, acrylic, etc., and are often used in automotive interior and exterior
decorations, such as dashboards, decorative pillars, grilles, etc.

Minimum Order: 1 gallons

Automotive Precision Machining
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