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Surtek polyurethane adhesives and sealants, designed for glass and car
windscreen bonding, offer tailored solutions for vehicle manufacturers.
Surtek has consistently pioneered adhesive solutions for the installation of
vehicle glass and long-lasting exterior glass sealing. Our car window screen
sealant and vehicle glass sealant are second to none for the seekers of
better adhesive for car windshield .

Specifications of Automotive Windshield Adhesive
Product model Surtek 3668
Application OE windshield glazing, efficient glue for car window
Characteristics Solvent free, high strength, fast cure, aging resistant
Color Black

What are the Classifications of Car Windscreen Sealants?

Auto glass sealant windshield urethane glue is mainly used to install and
repair car windshields to ensure their stability and sealing. According to
the composition and application characteristics, it can be divided into the
following categories:

Polyurethane glue (PU glue): This is the most commonly used automotive
windshield glue and is widely used in the installation of automobile
windshields due to its excellent bonding strength, weather resistance and
chemical resistance.

Silicone glue (silica gel): Silicone glue has good temperature resistance
and weather resistance, but its bonding strength is usually not as good as
polyurethane glue. Silicone glue is mainly used in applications that require
high temperature resistance or specific chemical resistance, but is less
commonly used in the installation of automobile windshields.

Butyl glue: Butyl glue is a non-hardening car windscreen sealant, mainly
used for primary sealing of windshields, with good waterproof and sealing
properties. Due to its non-hardening properties, butyl glue is mainly used
as a secondary sealing material during windshield installation, rather than
as the primary bonding material.

Hot melt adhesive: Hot melt adhesive is a car windscreen repair glue that
softens when heated and hardens when cooled. It is less commonly used in
automotive glass installation, but may be used in some specific repair or
temporary fixing applications.

Acrylic glue: Acrylic glue provides good bond strength and weather
resistance, but due to its long curing time and relatively high cost, it is
not as common as polyurethane glue in the installation of automobile

The Effectiveness of Different Automotive Windshield Adhesives
The effectiveness of automotive windshield adhesive can vary greatly
depending on their type and quality. High-quality adhesive for car
windshield provides a strong bond that ensures the windshield stays in
place, even in harsh weather conditions or during a collision. The
automotive windshield adhesive also offers excellent UV resistance and does
not degrade over time. On the other hand, low-quality auto window seal
adhesive may not provide a secure bond, leading to potential safety risks.
Therefore, it's crucial to choose a reliable, high-performance auto
windshield sealer for windshield installation. The right automotive
windshield adhesive can significantly enhance the vehicle's structural
integrity and passenger safety.

Car Windshield Adhesive Significance in the Automobile Industry

Safety importance: As one of the key safety parts of the car, the role of
the windshield is not limited to protecting the driver and passengers from
wind, rain, dust and flying stones. It also provides key structural support
in the event of a vehicle impact, ensure safety. The quality of auto
windshield adhesive determines the stability and sealing effect of the
windshield, which is directly related to the overall safety.

Necessity of repair: As a vehicle ages, windshields can suffer damage due to
a variety of factors. Faced with this kind of situation, it is necessary to
use special car windscreen adhesive to repair or replace the windshield to
ensure the safety of the vehicle.

The growth of the automobile market drives demand: The continued increase in
global automobile ownership has also increased the demand for automobile
maintenance and repair services. Making windshields will naturally promote
the growth of demand in the windscreen glass sealant bonding adhesive glue
car market.

Promotion of norms and standards: National governments and international
agencies have set strict requirements for automobile safety standards,
including windshield installation and maintenance regulations. These
specifications and standards drive automobile manufacturers and sealant
suppliers to use compliant, high-quality auto windshield glue to ensure that
cars meet safety regulations.

As one of high performance adhesives manufacturers, we will do our best to
meet all the needs of customers.

Minimum Order: 2 kilometres

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