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Baby Potty Seat

Different from baby potty, baby potty seat is placed on the adult toilet, which
is more conducive to cultivating baby’s good habits. After the child is a
little older, guide and train the child to go to the toilet through the toilet
Baby Potty Seat List

The baby potty seat is placed on the toilet to train the baby to use the toilet
autonomously. Let the baby quickly transition from the baby potty to the adult

Explain Advantages of Baby Potty Seat
Easy to Store
Baby potty seat are usually lightweight and small, they are easier to store
than baby potty.
Easy to Clean
Baby potty seat is placed on the adult toilet, children can flush the toilet
directly after using the toilet. But the baby potty needs to be cleaned after
the baby goes to the toilet.
Cultivate Baby’s Independence
Compared with the baby potty, the use of baby potty seat can make the baby to
transition to adult toilets more quickly.
Easy to Carry
Compared with the baby potty, baby potty seat is more easier to carry than baby

Or you can buy potty chair with stairs from Babyhood.

Is Baby Potty Seat Necessary?
Baby potty seat is necessary. Baby potty seat is specially designed for baby,
it’s more suitable for the baby’s own growth and development conditions. When
the baby grows up, the baby must sit on the adult toilet. If the baby doesn't
fit the toilet seat on the adult toilet in advance, the baby may be afraid to
go to the toilet. But if the baby uses the baby potty seat in advance, it will
not have this concern.
Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Potty Seat

First of all, it depends on whether a splash guard is designed, which can
prevent urine from splashing out to a certain extent, avoid wetting your pants
and soiling the ground. It also can reduce the cleaning burden of the treasure

Choose the baby potty seat with a cushion, and it has good ventilation.

Check the fixing method of the baby potty seat and conduct stability test on
the adult toilet.

Minimum Order: 100 pieces

Baby Potty Seat
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