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Banana flour

SVM EXPORTS Banana flour is made from bananas. "It's made from green,
unripe bananas that are collected, peeled and ground into a fine powder,"
"The flour is mildly sweet in flavour and light in texture, so it can be
substituted for all-purpose flour in nearly all recipes." And since the
flour is naturally sweet, it's a great go-to for baking.
Since the flour itself is made from bananas, you'll reap the same benefits
you'd get from eating a banana in whole form. "Banana flour is mostly made
of carbohydrates, but it also provides some fibber and protein, as well as
zero grams of fat,"
Botanical Name: Musa paradisiaca L.
Other Name: Guineo, topocho, mature.
SVM EXPORTS Moringa Seed, SVM EXPORTS Moringa Leaf, SVM EXPORTS Moringa
Leaf Powder, SVM EXPORTS Moringa Tea Cut Leaf, SVM EXPORTS Moringa Seed
Oil, SVM EXPORTS Moringa Oil Cake, SVM EXPORTS Bacopa Monnieri, SVM EXPORTS
Centella Asiatica, SVM EXPORTS Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis, SVM EXPORTS Papaya
Leaves, SVM EXPORTS Vinca Rosea, SVM EXPORTS Mollugo Cerviana, SVM EXPORTS
Cissus Quadrangularis, SVM EXPORTS Azadirachta Indica, SVM EXPORTS Jamun
Seed, SVM EXPORTS Castor Seed, SVM EXPORTS Cuttlefish Bone, SVM EXPORTS
Tribulus Terrestris, SVM EXPORTS Emblica Officinalis, SVM EXPORTS Ocimum
Sanctum, SVM EXPORTS Gloriosa Superba, SVM EXPORTS Hemidesmus Indicus SVM
EXPORTS, Kapok Buds, SVM EXPORTS Coleus Forskohlii, SVM EXPORTS Gymnema,
SVM EXPORTS Passiflora Incarnata, SVM EXPORTS Phyllanthus Amarus, SVM
EXPORTS Phyllanthus Niruri, SVM EXPORTS Cassia Alata, SVM EXPORTS
Eucalyptus Leaves

Minimum Order: 25 kilograms

Banana flour
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