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Bangladesh Power Station RTD temperature probe WZP2-231

Bangladesh Power Station RTD temperature probe WZP2-231
is a popular product from Yoyik. Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is a
professional supplier of power unit spare parts. We have pneumatic and
hydraulic components brands both domestic and overseas. We manufacture spare
parts of generators, turbines and boilers. The name of Yoyik is renowned in
this industry.

YOYIK provides multiple types of spare parts and equipments for power plant :
#DF-RTD temperature probe WZP2-231-DF
Limit Switch WLGCA2
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-19.5-1250
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-20-T10A
Communication measuring board CCM (PC D230)
LVDT HL-3-100-15
Differential pressure transmitter 3051CD1A22A1AB4DFM5,0-0.8KPa
Sensor 7000TD
Platinum RTD PT100 WZPM2-002
Rotation Speed Probe NE6103-050-150-03-09-01-00
Axial Displacement Transducer ɸ Eddy Current Transducer(Axial Displacement)
M14 X 1.5
Pressure Switch RC0410CH090H
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-21-5(R)
Terminal FBM201 UPX-SE1125-2
LVDT Sensor 6000TD
BFP Rotation Speed Probe CS-1-G-075-03-01
Armoured Thermal Resistance WZPK-160 Pt100 L=320mm
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-20-T5
Probe CWY-DO-815005
Pressure Switch RC861CZ097Z
Invensys switchboard P0973JN
Fuse XRNT1-7.2-160A
Pulse board 3L4488
Armoured Thermocouple TC03A2-KY-2B/S19
Electrical actuator with motor ZHB800-25
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-22-T
Sensor DET-250B
LVDT 150mm and 0-10V output
LED display screen PPC-L128T-R81-XE
A1 Card K82000004
Speed Sensor ZS-04-75-3000
Pressure Switch RC861CZ091ZYM
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-16.5-T1A
Pressure switch 6NN-KK5-NI-CIA
Rotation Speed Probe CWY-DO-20T08-B-M10*1-00-05-50
Limit Switch WLG2-TH
Rotation Speed Sensor 5100.W.10.A.0141
RTD temperature probe WZP2-231

Monitoring instrument DYX-R
Pressure Switch 439991-QAJ053
RTD temperature probe WZPK2-336
Rotation Speed Probe ZS-04 L=75
desiccant respirator 3KG
Universal Bimetal Thermometer WSS-461
Digital Position Monitor DM-1
Rotation Speed Probe CS-3-M16-L140
Photoelectric switch Q-60VR3AF2000 DC24V
Governor IPC Frequency Measuring Module 2K1913
LVDT Sensor LVDT TDZ-1-H 0-60
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-20-16
Switch momen FGXCC
Axial Displacement Transducer ɸ Eddy Current Transducer(Axial Displacement)
M14 X 1.5
Vibration Probe CWY-DO-11
Fuse XRNT-12-100A
LVDT Position Sensor TDZ-1E-01
Pressure Switch HLP803
Rectifier Cabinet I/O Input Module ADAM-4051
Pressure Switch SPB424BXCC
Differential Pressure Switch CMS-Z
Gap Power Supply GJCD-15
Controller for H2 purity analysers DC3500-CE-0Y00-200-10000-00-0
Shaft Displacement CWY-DO-20T08-M10*1-C-00-03-50K
Probe CWY-DO-811106
Card for controller A-A/D U11
Wheel Blade Opening Control LYK-11-1013
Armored platinum thermal resistance WZRK-105 L=400mm
LVDT Position Sensor ZDET-400A
sensor K WRN-330
Probe CS-3-M16-L185
Thermohygrograph Monitor L2W2K-Z3A(TH)
HRC Fuse Link for VCF breaker IEC 60282-1, 100 A
Probe 9200-06-05-10-00
pressure switch 431137-SLM562 0.02-0.21Mpa
Rexroth Card VT-VSPA1-1-11
RTD temperature probe WZP2-231


Minimum Order: 1 pieces

Bangladesh Power Station RTD temperature probe WZP2-231
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