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BBT Ultrasonic Generator

Since its establishment in 1999, BBT Medical has independently developed and
produced gynecological products, and later developed an ultrasonic surgical
system that is frequently used in laparoscopic surgery, which greatly reduces
the frequency of frequent replacement of instruments by clinical doctors during

What is Ultrasonic Generator
BBT ultrasonic generator manual 55.5Khz provides an excitation signal and a
high-frequency AC power source to drive the medical ultrasonic transducer. It
offers 3~5 level power adjustment to meet different clinical requirements such
as dissection and coagulation. It is compatible with 55.5 kHz ultrasonic
generators on the market.

Specification Of BBT Ultrasonic Generator
Name specification
Net weight 6.3kg
Size 42cm*30cm*16.5cm
Working frequency 55.5kHz±2kHz
Packing box 58cmx50cmx24cm
MAX ultrasonic power <80W

How Does BBT Generator Work
As one of the professional ultrasonic generator suppliers and ultrasonic
generator manufacturers, BBT Medical ultrasonic field generator is an
ultrasonic surgery energy platform with pure single ultrasonic energy. By
converting electric energy into mechanical energy, the high-frequency vibration
is transferred to the ultrasonic cutter knife head through the axial direction
of the knife bar. Combined with the pressure of the jaw, collagen and fibrin in
human tissues will dissolve and denaturation. These walls fuse together to form
a zona pellucida, creating a permanent closure.

Ultrasonic Generators Advantages
1. The panel is equipped with an output intensity bar device, and a unique
frequency and output intensity alternate digital display device is optional;

2. Equipped with an adjustable frequency sweep function to continuously change
the sound field distribution in the cleaning tank, BBT Ultrasonic Generator can
avoid the production of linear cavitation etching lines on the surface of the
workpiece, and also makes the dirt on the surface of the workpiece fall off
quickly to improve the cleaning effect;

3. BBT power ultrasonic generator is equipped with power adjustment function,
using advanced power adjustment circuit to achieve stepless and smooth
adjustment of ultrasonic power, overcoming many shortcomings brought by the
traditional method of indirect adjustment of power by adjusting frequency;

4. It has the unique anti-co-shock function in China, which overcomes the
defects of traditional generators that are easy to produce lines on the surface
of the workpiece and damage the workpiece, and it also avoids the shortcomings
of breaking the tank due to cavitation;

5. With the original ultrasonic generator working principle, the dirt can be
quickly separated from the workpiece and float on the surface, which is
suitable for cleaning by overflow circulation.

6. With overheating protection function, it can protect the generator from

Ultrasonic Generator Functions
1. Frequency tuning function
The ultrasonic generator has the function of fine-tuning the frequency, with an
adjustment range of 2%. Under different working conditions, slight adjustments
can make the transducer always work in the best state, and the energy
conversion efficiency can reach the maximum, and it can reach the maximum under
different working conditions. Good results.

2. Frequency sweep function
The ultrasonic generator has a frequency sweep function. During the cleaning
process, the ultrasonic frequency is swept back and forth within a reasonable
range to drive the cleaning liquid to form a fine backflow, so that the dirt on
the workpiece is quickly removed from the surface of the workpiece while being
ultrasonically peeled, and the cleaning efficiency is improved.

3. Power adjustment function
The ultrasonic frequency generator has the function of power adjustment, and
the output power can be adjusted continuously from 10% to 100% to meet the
requirements of various cleaning objects.

If you want to buy ultrasonic generator, please contact us.

Minimum Order: 10 bags

BBT Ultrasonic Generator
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