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Benchtop Temperature Chamber (32L)

Benchtop temperature chamber can meet certain quality standards and testing
specifications ,for example: Daily necessities, cosmetics, electronic
components, and medical products . 
Most ideal designed for temperature and humidity testing of small samples and
specimens used for research, development and quality control. 
This dimension are very cute. customer can fit on a personal desk is the most
consideration.If you need more models about our test equipment, please
reference our chamber-testing(.)com
Our JOEO Benchtop Temperature Chamber's window is equipped with an anti-sweat
electric heater device to prevent water vapor from condensing and water
droplets, and high-brightness PL fluorescent lamps keep the interior of the box
illuminated;Rectangular multi-layer glass viewing window, which can be used to
observe the test items during the test. 
With automatic-water supply system, it is convenient to supplement the water
supply of the humidification barrel, and it can be recycled and used
High-quality appearance, the body adopts an arc shape, the surface is treated
with matte stripes, and the flat non-reaction handle is adopted, which is easy
to operate, safe, and reliable.
High quality original compressor circulation system adopts the French
“Tecumseh”& Germany "Bitzer" brand, which can effectively remove the
lubricating oil between the condenser tube and the capillary tube, and the
whole series adopts environmentally friendly refrigerants (R23, R404, R507).
Double-layer insulation of ess chamber door is tight and airtight, which can
effectively isolate internal temperature leakage. 
Built-in moving pulley is easy to move and place and has a strong positioning
screw to fix the position.
Controller has multi-segment program editing and temperature, and humidity can
do fast (OUICK) or slope (SLOP) control.
Self-developing controller system adopts an imported LCD screen, which can
display the measured value, set value, and time at the same time.
Do not place the sample in the oven heating state, and place the sample in the
state of ensuring that the heating is off; 
When placing the sample, there should be a certain space around the upper and
lower parts to keep the air flow in the box smooth;
There is a cooling plate on the heating wire at the bottom of the chamber, and
the sample can not be placed on it, so as not to affect the heat flow and lead
to heat accumulation;
If the sample will have a phase change at high temperature, it must be packed
in a tray to avoid contaminating other samples (for example, it will leak oil
or change from solid to liquid after heating);
Containing flammable and explosive organic volatile solvents or auxiliaries
shall not be put into the chamber.
Benchtop Temperature Chamber (32L)
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