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BioHub® DS Modular Desktop Stirring System

The BioHub® DS Modular Desktop Mixing System is a dedicated stirring device
designed for small-volume liquid handling and desktop applications. This
equipment, equipped with a control system, is compatible with various commonly
used small-volume specifications, including 2L, 5L, 10L, 20L, and more. It
offers convenient operation and meets a wide range of requirements such as
liquid-liquid mixing, solid-liquid mixing, and high-viscosity mixing. The
system is designed to assist in research, process development, and other
application scenarios.

Please be advised that this product is only available for sale and after-sales
support in certain regions. For further details, kindly consult with your local
sales representative. Thank you for your understanding.

BioHub® DS Modular Desktop Stirring System Application
Preparation of culture media and buffer solutions in Cell and Gene Therapy

Homogenization of multiple plasmids prior to viral transfection in gene therapy

Mixing of intermediate products

Preparation of semi-finished products

Homogenization of multi-valent vaccine formulations

Features of BioHub® DS Modular Desktop Stirring System
Mature technology and unique modular design

Excellent stirring efficiency, enabling efficient mixing of suspended,
settling, and viscous materials

Unique blade design, allowing for a minimum stirring volume as low as 200ml to
meet the mixing needs of small-volume precious liquids

Strong compatibility, with a single main unit capable of controlling various
different specifications, reducing production costs for liquid handling

Powerful software design with superior data integrity, facilitating process
transfer from research to production

BioHub Disposable Desktop Mixing Bag
The BioHub® Desktop Disposable Mixing Bag, produced by Bio-Link, is made of
multi-layer coextruded film as the raw material. It ensures extremely low gas
permeability, excellent chemical compatibility, biological compatibility, and
good physical strength, making it safe for various biopharmaceutical process
fluid preparation and storage. The stirring blade adopts a high-strength magnet
with secondary encapsulation, ensuring complete sealing of the magnet. This,
combined with different stirring blades, provides efficient mixing. When paired
with Bio-Link's disposable tubing components, it meets the requirements for
different processes and fluids.

We provide laboratory vacuum mixer, mixer for lab, mixers in laboratory,
laboratory powder blender, magnetic lab mixer, stirrer mixer chemical, powder
mixer laboratory, mixer lab equipment, etc. For more about bioprocess
engineering, contact us.
BioHub® DS Modular Desktop Stirring System
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