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BioHub SC Sterile Cutter

In the single-use fluid technology, the sterile disconnection route of the
tubing can be realized by multiple means. In which, BioHub® SC is a compact
device that is intuitive, reliable, and easy to use and that integrates the
sterile disconnection and sealing functions all in one. In a matter of seconds,
the single-use tubing can be firmly squeezed to be cut into two independent
sterile fluid tubings. This disconnecting tool has manual or electric two

Please be advised that this product is only available for sale and after-sales
support in certain regions. For further details, kindly consult with your local
sales representative. Thank you for your understanding.

Applications of BioHub SC lab cutter
Sterile disconnection of sampling tubings.

Sterile disconnection of feeding tubings.

Sterile transfer of other liquids such as intermediates and primary liquid.

Features of BioHub SC Sterile Cutter
Secure a Sterile Fluid Path

In a non sterile environment, apply a simple "Press-Cut" act to the metal ring
and the single-use tubing to complete sealing and disconnection respectively
for the fluid tubing, so as to realize sterile disconnection of the tubing.

Lightweight, Portable, Easy and Efficient

The product is small and light, independent of utilities, easily movable to
wherever you need it, disconnection time as short as 5 seconds, all of which
enhances productivity.

Wide Application Coverage and Powerful Flexibility

There is no tubing material limit. Applicable for either TPE tubing or silica
gel tubing. Suitable for the sterile disconnection of tubings with diameter
OD1/4" -OD3/4", also, for whether an empty tubing, liquid-contained tubing or
pressurized tubing.

Meticulous Workmanship and After-sales Guarantee

Even coating, smooth surface, mechanical design, low fault rate, and when the
cutter jaw reaches the upper limit times, its returnable maintenance is

Rigorous Quality Control and Validation

Rigorous validation has been conduct on the single-use metal disconnection
system components to ensure the continuous stability of a sterile disconnection
and avoid unnecessary losses caused by cross contamination of customer

Easy Operation (Taking a Manual Cutter As an Example)
During production, sterile disconnection of a metal ring by a single person is
an easy-to-realize operation.

Aseptic Disconnector

Use the Sterile Cutter to place the metal ring to be disconnected at the center
from top to bottom of the cutting port.

Press hard tactfully and then disconnect the tubing.

The cutting site is securely sealed to form two independent sterile tubings.

There are many bioprocessing companies, but we are one of the best choices for
BioHub SC Sterile Cutter
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