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Black cohosh extract

Product Name:Black cohosh extract
Specifications:Triterpene glycosides 2.5%
Botanical Name:Cimicifuga Racemosa.
Appearance:Fine light brown powder
Part Used:Root
CAS No. :84776-26-1
Introduction:Black cohosh (Cimicifuga Racemosa) is a tall
perennial plant in the buttercup family that grows in the
eastern and central areas of the United States. Black cohosh
was used by Native Americans as a traditional folk remedy for
women's health conditions, such as menstrual cramps and hot
flashes, arthritis, muscle pain, sore throat, cough, and
indigestion. The juice of the plant was used as an insect
repellent and was made into a salve and applied to snake
Function and Usage:
1. Antidepressant effect. Black cohosh extract contains
estrogen like substances, which can restrict estrogen
receptors in animal models and significantly reduce
luteinizing hormone LH in humans and animals. Black cohosh
extract can improve women's postpartum depression and
alleviate the symptoms of premenopausal and menopausal
2. Antibacterial effect. Black cohosh extract had inhibitory
effects on Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.
3. Anticancer effect. Black cohosh extract can significantly
inhibit the proliferation of rat breast cancer cells, and
prevent thymus cancer and prostate cancer.
4. Anti inflammatory effect. Black cohosh extract has anti-
inflammatory effect on arthritis and rheumatism, especially
arthritis caused by menopause, because it contains Salicylic
Acid and has slight analgesic effect.
5. Effect on circulation system. Black cohosh extract can
reduce blood pressure, inhibit myocardium and slow down heart
rate. It can treat hypertension, tinnitus and dizziness.
6. Other roles. Black cohosh extract has antispasmodic
effect, is beneficial to asthmatic patients and chronic cough
patients such as whooping cough, and has hypoglycemic effect.
Advantage of Jianhe’s product:
10 years professional experience in botanic extract.
Honest and reliable sales and service team.
Excellent industry reputation, trustworthy kin grain factory
Quick and reliable, timely delivery of the goods
Storage Condition:Sealed, avoid light, moisture
Shelf Life:2 years

Minimum Order: 25 kilograms

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