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Contact: Lyon Gui
Company: Xiongcai Motor Controller Technology
Quanzhi S&T Innovation Park, shajing
Shenzhen 518104
Phone: +8675523503296
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Date/Time:  6/28/24 3:37 GMT

BLDC Fuel Pump Controller Improves Fuel Supply and Reliability of Vehicle

Fuel Pump Controller with Bespoke Solution for Automobile Use

BLDC fuel pump controller XCA105 is a highly reliable BLDC motor controller
designed for advancing efficiency of automotive fuel pump.

Automotive fuel pump controllers are not standard products. Most of automobile
companies or pump manufacturers have their own specific requirements on control
according to diverse application conditions.

I have been always encountering experience like this. For example, a customer
left a message by email or WhatsApp: do you have a product with 15V, 120W
power? We do have automotive fuel pump controller in existing designed scheme,
but they are not exactly fit for customers’ current technical requirements.
How do I answer this question? If I say No, they leave and go to other
suppliers. If I say Yes, but we don’t have stock products like this, we need
to adjust parameter or performance according to customers’ technical
requirements. Sometimes, the customer won’t stop for further communication.

XCA105 automotive fuel pump controller comes with characteristics:

1. Voltage:DC8~18V
2. Rated Current:8A
3. Working Temp:-40~125 Degrees
4. Working Humidity:95%
5. Dimension: 37*34*8mm
6. Protection:under voltage, over voltage, low temperature, over temperature,
plugging, reverse connection, short circuit
7. ISO11452-2 EMS Level 4&BCI 100MA / CSIPER 25 / ISO10605 / ISO16750 / ISO7637
8. PWM speed regulation

Most of them don’t want to provide technical requirements and just want to buy
a standard BLDC fuel pump controller for the automotive applications from
market. They don’t consider that the detail of control system is diversified
for different applications or control logic.

One the other hand. Even if you buy an existent product from a broker or market
matching your need approximately, it may cause you lots of problems. Let’s see
what it may happen. It takes you one or two weeks to buy the fuel pump
controller. When you are testing, maybe you have a parameter that needs to be
tuned, then you need to pay for another sample and wait for several weeks.
Maybe when you test it again, you find another little problem, and need to
repeat process again….

Most of the time, you are discussing technical issues with salesperson who is
not skilled in technology, he needs to ask his suppliers for answers too. On
this occasion, you shall pay for samples several times and waste energy doing
ineffective communication, more importantly, it will delay you project launch,
causing market share loss.

If you work with us XC Technology, I promise that the issues like this will
never happen. We will collect technical requirements, application conditions
and motor specification in detail. We are able to provide full service, from
design, analysis, prototyping to production. We may need you to send us your
automotive fuel pump for testing or adjusting controller, making sure that
everything is fit for your needs. The service team will answer your question in
4 hours and deliver solution in 24 hours.

As a research and development oriented company, in addition to the products in
existing designed scheme, we are committed to delivering tailored services and
quality products to customers as well. The only thing we request is your
technical requirements and motor specification, not intending to pry product
secret, but for improving efficiency of your automotive fuel pump.

We have been specializing in BLDC fuel pump controller since 2011, and staying
focused on controller only. With our expertise in this specialized field, we
are able to take your technological aspirations to a new level.

Minimum Order: 2000 sets

BLDC Fuel Pump Controller Improves Fuel Supply and Reliability of Vehicle
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