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Blockchain Canaan Mining Machines SHA256 Avalon 1166 Pro 81TH 3400W

Canaan Avalon A1166 Pro Review
The Avalon A1166 Pro is hardware that uses an SHA-256 algorithm for mining
cryptocurrencies. It was released recently in August 2020. The amount of power
it consumes when plugged in is 3400 watts. The maximum hash rate of the Avalon
A1166 Pro is 81TH/s. This equipment is also known as A1166 Pro within the
community of miners dealing in cryptocurrency.

The A1166 Pro comes from the company Canaan. Canaan is one of the leaders in
the super-computing segment. They are a service provider company that largely
depends and bases their hardware solutions around blockchain technology, using
Artificial Intelligence and mainly Machine Learning to develop cutting edge
technologies. In 2016, Canaan successfully managed to launch the manufacturing
on the first chip in the 16 nm size range and has also been awarded a
prestigious certification, making them China National High-Tech Enterprise.

A miner can mine coins like Acoin, Crown, Bitcoin, Cure-coin, and few others,
based on the device’s compatibility with them. The dimensions of the device
are 306 x 405 x 442 mm. The noise from this device is 75db. A 12 V is necessary
for the device to run effectively. Humidity should be around 5% and 95%, a
normal standard by all means. The efficiency one can expect from Avalon Miner
1166 Pro by Canaan is 0.042 j/Gh. It comes with four fans that help with
Blockchain Canaan Mining Machines SHA256 Avalon 1166 Pro 81TH 3400W
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