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Company: Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Co., Ltd
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Date/Time:  6/11/21 6:42 GMT

Blueberry Dryer

Blueberry is a delicious fruit rich in nutrients. Blueberries contain a lot of
anthocyanins, which not only have good nutrition and health effects but also
can delay body aging and protect eyes. Our dryer removes excess water from the
blueberry and retains nutrients for long-term preservation. Dried blueberries
also inherit the advantages of blueberries and there is almost no difference in
nutrition and taste compared with fresh fruits.

The shelf life of fresh blueberries is relatively short. Traditional dried
blueberries are dried in the sun. But blueberries are harvested in summer, and
the maturity period is from June to August each year. However, there is a lot
of rain in summer, which has caused great difficulties for the traditional
drying method to process dried blueberries. In addition, the quality of dried
blueberries is uneven, and sun-drying requires a lot of labor and time, which
cannot adapt to industrialization and large-scale production.

Our air-energy heat pump blueberry dryer adopts a scientific drying curve and
dehumidification curve so that the blueberry maintains its natural color after
drying without damaging its effective nutrients (such as anthocyanins). At the
same time, the equipment has a high degree of automation and does not require
special supervision. The drying process is all completed by intelligent
control. , rry-dryer/
Blueberry Dryer
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