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Bluetooth Smart Door Lock

Bluetooth smart digital door lock is a short-distance unlocking technology
based on Bluetooth connection technology, which greatly improves the security
and intelligence of the bluetooth digital lock. Our china bluetooth lock can be
used for contactless unlocking and remote authorized unlocking through
Bluetooth identification, which is very convenient.

Bluetooth Digital Door Lock Pros and Cons
Pros of china bluetooth lock

Enhanced Security
Bluetooth smart door lock offer enhanced security compared to traditional
locks. These locks are designed to provide multiple layers of protection,
including fingerprint recognition, password protection, and smartphone access.
This means that unauthorized access is significantly reduced, and the chances
of burglary are minimal.

Similar to automatic fingerprint door lock, bluetooth enabled door lock offer
convenience to homeowners. With these Bluetooth lever lock, you don't have to
worry about carrying a set of keys or losing them. All you need is your
smartphone, and you can easily unlock your door remotely. Additionally, you can
also set temporary access codes for visitors or service providers, which makes
it easy to manage access to your home.

Bluetooth controlled door lock are energy-efficient, as they are battery-
powered. This means that you don't have to worry about wiring or electrical
connections. The batteries can last for months, and you will receive
notifications on your smartphone when they are running low.

Cons of Bluetooth Digital Door Lock

High Cost
Bluetooth doorlocks are expensive compared to traditional locks. This means
that you have to invest a considerable amount of money to enjoy their benefits.

Compatibility Issues
Bluetooth doorlocks require a compatible smartphone and app to function
correctly. This means that if you have an old smartphone or an incompatible
app, you may not be able to use the bluetooth enabled lock.

Limited Battery Life
Bluetooth entry door lock rely on batteries, which means that you have to
replace them periodically. If you forget to replace the batteries, you may not
be able to access your home.

Bluetooth Entry Door Lock Functions
Bluetooth entry door locks are a modern and convenient way to secure your home
or business. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can control your Bluetooth entry
lock with your smartphone, grant access to guests remotely, and receive
notifications when someone enters or exits. These China Bluetooth locks offer
advanced security features and eliminate the need for traditional keys, making
them an excellent option for those seeking ease of use and advanced technology
in their security systems.

Bluetooth Digital Door Lock Features:
Our bluetooth door lock set can be embedded in the monitored system.

When the bluetooth door entry system is attacked or moved, it can notify the
monitoring center and issue an order to destroy the key information module.

The digital door lock with bluetooth would report effective information and
control status to the monitoring center in time.

The ability to identify the monitoring object.

Perform ciphertext query on the monitoring target working status, etc.

Using full-duplex communication.

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Bluetooth Smart Door Lock
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