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Boat Anchor Accessories

Boat anchor accessories from TITANSUHE including various anchors, anchor
chains, and boat anchor accessories such as kenter shackle, end shackle,
swivel, etc.

Anchor-is an essential part of the ship and is one of the most widely used
items in the marine industry. We provide AC-14 high holding power boat anchor
parts, hall anchor and plough anchor. Chose the right boat anchors and
accessories according to the length and weight of your ship. Weather conditions
must be also take into consideration when choosing an anchor marine parts.

Anchor chain- is a chain connecting the anchor and the hull, which is used to
transfer and buffer the external force on the ship and also produces a part of
the friction. We provide both stud link anchor chain and studless anchor chain.
Stud link anchor chain have an extra strength while studless anchor chain is
more convenience to be connecting for a long pices and attach to the anchor

Chain accessories-Including kenter shackle, end shackle, swivel shackle, end
link, etc. All these accessories are used together with anchor chains to make
connection with the ship, anchor point or anchor chain itself.

Types of Anchor Marine Parts


Marine Anchor
Anchor is the main part of the anchoring equipment, its an iron ship-stopping
device, which is connected to the ship with an iron chain. It can stabilize the
hull when throw the anchor on the bottom o...
AC-14 Anchor
Plough Anchor
Hall Anchor
Anchor Chain


Anchor Chain
Marine stud Link anchor chain is a special chain that connects the anchor and
the ship. Due to its own heavy weight, the marine stud Link anchor chain can
buffer external forces when yacht or boat moo...
Stud Link Anchor Chain
Studless Anchor Chain
Anchor Fittings


Anchor Fittings
Anchor fittings are utilized for connecting two individual chains. Many kinds
of anchor accessories such as kenter shackle, end shackles, anchor swivels, and
so on come into this purpose. No matter sh...
Kenter Shackles
End Shackles
Anchor Swivel
Mooring Rope


Mooring Rope
The rope has kinds of good properties such as high tensile strength, impact
resistance, abrasion resistance, flexibility, lightness and softness. Its a
multi-strand ropes aim to tying ships.If sort mo...
Natural Fiber Rope
High Performance Polypropylene Fiber Rope

Boat Anchor Parts Strength Information

If you need any kinds of lifting chain, please contact us, as one of the most
professional lifting equipment manufacturers, TITANSUHE is willing to offer you
high quality products.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Boat Anchor Accessories
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