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bovine serum albumin
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Bovine Serum Albumin,BSA or "Fraction V"

What is bovine serum albumin?

Bovine serum albumin (bsa bovine serum albumin or "Fraction V") is a serum
albumin protein derived from cows. It is often used as a protein concentration
standard in lab experiments.

The nickname "Fraction V" refers to albumin being the fifth fraction of the
original Edwin Cohn purification methodology that made use of differential
solubility characteristics of plasma proteins. By manipulating solvent
concentrations, pH, salt levels, and temperature, Cohn was able to pull out
successive "fractions" of blood plasma. The process was first commercialized with
human albumin for medical use and later adopted for production of BSA.

what is bovine serum albumin used for?

bovine serum albumin uses in a variety of laboratory applications including its
function as a protein concentration standard, its function as a cell nutrient and
its ability to stabilize enzymes during restriction digest.

why is bovine serum albumin used as a standard?

bovine serum albumin bsa is used because of its stability to increase signal in
assays, its lack of effect in many biochemical reactions, and its low cost, since
large quantities of it can be readily purified from bovine blood, a byproduct of
the cattle industry.

What is bovine serum albumin made of?
Bovine serum albumin structure and biological functions

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Bovine Serum Albumin,BSA or "Fraction V"
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