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Box Column Steel Structure

Steel box column Structure, so named because of its shape like a large iron
box. Generally, steel structures are used as beams or columns. Steel column
box, corrosion resistance and high strength. The main structure of the box
column adopts a steel frame-support system. The load-bearing frame is a box-
section column and an H-beam. The processing and production of the box column
is mainly made of steel plate, which is produced through batching, assembly,
welding and other processes, and finally shot blasting and rust removal, and
painting is completed.

Box Column Steel Structure Parameter

Product name Box Column Steel Structure
Material Q235, Q235B, Q345, Q345B, etc.or per request
Specification Custom made
Type: Heavy Section Steel
Production Capacity 10000t/Month
Surface Hot dip galvanized or painted
Heat Treatment Normalization, annealing, quenching and tempering
Manufacturing Processes Material inspection, material cutting, deburring,
bending, assembling, welding,polishing/cleaning, shot blasting, machining,

Introduction of Box Column Steel Structure

Box Column Steel Structure is a composite column, which is assembled from steel
plates. The circular steel pipe column generally bears the axial force or the
parts with less eccentric force, while the box-shaped steel pipe column can
have a larger cross-section in one direction, which determines that it can be
used in places with a large eccentric force. From the point of view of
production, the production of round steel pipe columns is relatively simple,
while the production of Box Column Steel Structure is relatively difficult to
produce due to the relatively large amount of welding and easy deformation,
etc. As a box-type steel pipe column, the wall square tube has the advantages
of direct molding, low material cost, good material performance, high strength
and easy installation.

Box Column Steel Structure Craft
Box Column Steel Structure is blanked by CNC flame cutting machine to cut the
column plate. The beveling method is carbon arc gouging to cut the K-shaped
bevel. After the blanking is completed, it is straightened and corrected. In
order to make the column body plate assembly accurate, it is necessary to
prepare and assemble The fetal membrane, the assembly sequence is: first the
upper cover plate is the benchmark, then the assembly line of the diaphragm and
the side web plate is released, and the U-shaped assembly is carried out, and
then the lower cover is assembled and then welded. The main body of the column
is welded by submerged arc automatic Welding, stiffening plate welding is
carried out by manual welding of electric welding machine, and then one side of
the clapboard is welded by electroslag pressure welding, and the arc-starting
plate is set for welding. After the box column is welded, it is straightened
and corrected, and then the end is cut with an end milling machine. The box-
shaped column is painted in strict accordance with the standard rust removal
and oiling. After the box-shaped column is made, it will be inspected and
numbered by full-time quality inspectors.

Assembly Process of Box Column Steel Structure
The Production and Assembly of the Box Column Steel Structure is the Key, and
the Assembly Process is As Follows

First, the upper cover plate is used as the assembly reference, and the
assembly lines of the partition plate and the side web plate are respectively
released on the assembly surface according to the requirements of the
construction drawing, and marked with a sample punch.

Assemble the upper cover plate and the partition plate first, and then assemble
them on the tire mold. After the assembly is completed, the welding must be
completed before the next process.

Before assembling the web, check the straightness of the web. When assembling,
use one direction to assemble, first locate the middle stiffener, and then
locate the web.

The overall assembly of the Box Column Steel Structure is carried out after the
U-shaped structure is completed. First, correct the edge of the U-shaped
structure web to make its unevenness <L/1000, and then release the web assembly
positioning line on the lower cover. Type structure assembly, using one
direction assembly, positioning spot welding using symmetrical welding method.

Then one side of the separator is welded by electroslag pressure welding, and
the equipment is welded by electroslag pressure welding.

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boiler, sand casting, steel sheet pile, bridge formwork, etc. For more
information, please feel free to contact us!

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Box Column Steel Structure
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