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9/9/20 1:53 GMT
Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine

Our ultrasonic molten metal treatment system is a solid-state bonding process in which ultrasonic vibrations create friction-like motion between two surfaces, causing deformation and shearing of asperities to bring metal-to- metal contact and bonding. Transducer the input electrical energy into mechanical energy, the ultrasound. The form is a transducer in longitudinal slip movement back and forth, amplitude generally within a few microns. Ultrasonic metal welding machine’s applications include the electrical/electronic, automotive, aerospace, and medical products industries. While most metals and many dissimilar combinations can be ultrasonically welded, the widest uses involve the softer alloys of copper, aluminum, and nickel. The ultrasonic handheld welder features an ergonomic soft grip design with attachments for use on counterbalance devices. A robust resonant mount is designed for trouble-free operation. Fittings for air-cooling come standard on all units. Built-in circuit protection and visual fault status readouts ensure reliability even in the toughest work environments. The compact size and built- in handle allow for portability. With successful high-quality transducers, its power is nearly double that of similar products on the market. The ultrasonic welding transducer is one of our main products, which use the piezoelectric effort to realize transduction between electric and sound energy, also named as BLT transducer. Ultrasonic transducer is normally used in ultrasonic welding industry, high power ultrasonic, etc. , hemistry-machine/ultrasonic-molten- metal-treat , ment-system/

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