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9/9/20 1:50 GMT
Ultrasonic Dispersion Machine

Our ultrasonic sonochemistry machine is offered to clients at economical price who need products like ultrasonic cutting machine, ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic sewing machine, ultrasonic cutting and sealing machine, ultrasonic atomizer, ultrasonic power meter, impedance analyzer, amplitude measuring and so on. Ultrasonic dispersion machine is a highly reliable method to produce highly viscous slurries with large amounts of solid concentration. Thereby, ultrasonic excels conventional agitators producing homogeneous slurries of material, Ultrasonic Dispersion has manifold applications such as lubricant, thickener or adsorbens. In order to benefit from the material characteristics, the particles must be uniformly distributed into a base medium. The ultrasonic dispersing machine has a high swelling capacity. It can adsorb a high amount of fluid. When dispersed into a liquid, the ultrasonic dispersion forms a highly thixotropic colloidal suspension or gel. The colloidal properties of ultrasonic dispersions are highly dependent of the quality of the dispersion. Therefore, ultrasound is the preferred dispersing technique to obtain high quality mixed liquid. When it comes to nanomaterials, metal oxides, nanoclays and carbon nanotubes, which are easy to be agglomerated when mixed into a liquid, ultrasonic nano dispersion machine is a good choice. The ultrasonic breakup of the agglomerate structures in aqueous and non-aqueous suspensions allows utilizing the full potential of nanosize materials. , -sonochemistry-machine/ultrasonic- dispersion-m , achine/

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