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Camel Milk Calcium tablets

Camel Milk Calcium tablets
Product Description:
Camel milk is known as the "white gold of the desert and the king of calcium",
rich in protein, various vitamins, folic acid, insulin and many trace elements.
Moreover, many data show that camel milk in many components is better than goat
milk and cow milk.

The Yibate calcium tablets of camel milk are produced in the golden milk source
zone of PM2.5 at 47° North latitude in Xinjiang, and the exclusive organic
pasture of Yibate has a beautiful environment with excellent air and nourished
by natural water and grass, and the camels are free to feed in the pasture to
ensure the quality of the products from the source.
The ingredients of Yibate camel milk calcium tablets are pure camel milk powder
without any additional ingredients, no sugar, no flavor, no color, no
preservatives. Through low-temperature freeze-drying technology and powder
pressing technology carefully extracted and professionally refined, the liquid
camel milk is converted into camel milk tablets to retain the maximum extent of
the original nutrition of camel milk, which is called a healthy and nutritious
calcium supplement snack.
The advantages of Camel Milk Calcium Tablets:
Pure Camel Milk Powder - Pressed
A new taste for the tongue - a mouthful of temptation
No additives
The best taste for your taste buds
The newest addition to the dairy world, a nutritious calcium snack for the
whole family.
Strict control of quality inspection process:
From fresh milk acquisition, pre-treatment, standardized ingredients,
evaporation, drying, aseptic packaging, inlet and outlet, and other processes
are fully automated and controlled to ensure the quality of Yibate camel milk
calcium tablets.
Features of Camel Milk Calcium Tablets:
The size of Yibate Camel Milk Calcium Tablets is also more suitable for
children to chew and replenish calcium without damaging their teeth and
protecting their dental health.
1. Rich in highly active calcium, small molecules, easy to absorb, than
ordinary calcium tablets absorption rate can be up to 70% or more!
2. Creamy and rich, mellow taste, no sucrose, no artificial sweeteners, no
coloring, no preservatives.
3. Not hard, and not the ordinary market starch taste, the elderly, the
children and young people all like to eat, a few per day to meet the daily
calcium needs.
Suitable for people:
1.Efficient snack for children and adolescents for calcium supplementation;
2. a convenient pre-exercise or post-exercise snack for sports, fitness and
muscle training;
3. a compact high protein and supplemental source of timely energy for camping,
hiking, cycling, climbing;
4. Help the vegetarians to increase the protein and calcium content of their
Serving method: Ready to serve, suitable for a variety of people. Not suitable
for children under 4 years of age and children with chewing difficulties.
PS: Nutritional supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

Minimum Order: 50 packs

Camel Milk Calcium tablets
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