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CAr tracker gps

5 Battery and Charger
The batter needs to be charged for about 8-12 hours, the standard battery is a
Li-ion battery, please use the battery and chargers provided. The device can
standby about 8-12 hours after fully charged, and usually charge the battery
for about 3-4 hours after first use.

A. The lithium battery contains harmful chemical components and may explode.
Please do not drop it, puncture it or throw it into fire.
B. Please charge in time to maintain normal operation.
6 Usage
6.1 SIM card installation
Make sure that there is no call transfer and call display is on, and PIN code
Open the rear cover, and pick out the battery.
Push the foil up according the arrow on the foil and load the micro SD card and
push back.

Put the SIM card into the holder as picture shows.

Please use standard size SIM Card.

6.2 Startup
Put the SIM card and battery to wait the indicator lights up.
Take the tracker outdoors, after 10 to 40 seconds, the device will acquire GSM
/ GPS signals and start to work normally.
6.3 Device status light
Status Lost fix to satellites Fix to satellites Good GPS signal (Fix
to more than 4 satellites with a signal-to-noise ratio of more than 38)
GSM Flash one time each second. Quick flash 2 times each second.
Quick flash 3 times each second.
GPRS Flash one time each 3 seconds. Quick flash 2 times each 3 seconds.
Quick flash 3 times each 3 seconds.

6.4 GPRS configuration for live real-time tracking
When reading this user manual, you will notice that we have used "+" and
"space" between some words;"+" between two words means they should be written
together as one word without a space and "space" between two words means you
should leave one character space between two words.

Usually, the device can automatically recognize and select the APN, user name
and password of GPRS settings. If the device cannot connect to the web
platform, then you need to use the mobile phone text message to configure the
settings according to following steps.
6.4.1 Configure APN setting
APN is an abbreviation for Access Point Name and changes depending on which
mobile network you are using. For more information about your local APN, please
check with your local wireless carrier.

SMS command: APN+password+space+local APN
Tracker response: APN OK
Example: APN123456 CMNET

Note: 123456 is the default password, please change password on APP or refers
to 7.1. CMNET is the APN of China mobile.

Minimum Order: 10 sets

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