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Our custom carbon fiber parts bring upscale performance and high-tech
appearance for your manufacturing needs. Carbon fibre products can be ordered
from low-volume prototypes to high-volume production runs. Many industries use
carbon fiber parts, including the automotive, aerospace, consumer goods,
industrial, and etc. LC Rapid specializes in the business of carbon fiber bulk
and virtually any size of carbon fibre supply that can be tailored to meet our
customers’ unique needs, using the services such as custom cutting, molding,
and machining. We also provide sheet metal fabrication service to meet
customers’ needs. Our expert guidance and custom capabilities will also guide
you to make sure we can exceed your expectation.

Introduction of Carbon Fiber
Carbon fibre composites(also known as carbon fiber) is one of the strongest and
most lightweight composite materials, and carbon fiber applications are very
popular in many industries. Carbon Fiber is 30-40% lighter than Aluminum, and 5
times more rigid than steel at the same weight.

Advantages of Carbon Fiber
High Strength To Weight RatioHigh Strength To Weight Ratio
The unique property of carbon is the high strength and low weight.

Minimal Thermal ExpansionMinimal Thermal Expansion
Practically, carbon has almost no thermal expansion.

Cosmetic AppearanceCosmetic Appearance
Its exceptionally cosmetic premium quality appearance makes it is widely used
in many industries.

Light WeightLight Weight
It is possible to reduce weight by 30-40 % by using carbon fiber.

Excellent Corrosion and Wear ResistanceExcellent Corrosion and Wear Resistance
Carbon fiber has great wear and corrosion resistance, ensure long lifetime.

Carbon Fibre Process
From detailed consultation to fast shipment, we make custom orders simple and
easy for our customers:
We will review your designs in depth after you submit the designs through our
quote web form or send emails to
We will send you a competitive quotation quickly after all specs is confirmed.
We will proceed your project as soon as possible after receive your order

Carbon Fiber Tolerance
Our standard cutting tolerance is +/- 0.1 mm. Our advanced CNC machines can cut
carbon fiber to any shape within +/- 0.05 mm if a tighter tolerance is
requested. Ready to get your carbon fiber designs made? Just send us your
engineering file in formats .dxf or .dwg.

Carbon Fiber Finishes
The matte finish is a perfect option for high strength structural application
where a thicker carbon fiber sheets is required.

Carbon Fiber Solutions and carbon fiber applications
With the advantage of light weight, upscale look, LC Rapid’s custom carbon
fiber parts are used a lot in industrial applications, including automated
machine arms, machine casings, 3D scanner.

The superior strength, excellent surface and light weight of carbon fiber make
it a suitable choice for a wide range of automotive products like diffuser, lip
spoilers, splitter, motorcycle silencer and muffler tips.

Consumer Goods
The strong, lightweight, cosmetic appearance carbon fiber materials are ideal
for consumer products like laptop cases, suitcases, wallets, business cards and

Common Applications Of Carbon Fiber
Car Spoilers
Our zero porosity, high tensile strength, low weight carbon fiber brings super
performance and standout style in car spoilers.

Aircraft Wings
It is generally acknowledged that carbon fiber is a great choice for making
high performance aircraft wings. There are many carbon aircraft wings benefits,
but arguably the best is its light weight properties.

Carbon fiber is light in weight and as strong as possible, whose strength-to-
weight ratio is unparalleled — it’s stiffer and about 5 times stronger than
steel. Additionally, carbon file helmets are safe and comfortable. Carbon fiber
helmets are also undeniably cool and stylish.

Featured Carbon Fiber Resources
Carbon Fiber FAQ
Does LC Rapid makes molded carbon fiber products?
We not only produce carbon fiber sheets, we also make molded carbon fiber parts
for a wide variety of application in automotive, industrial, electronic

How do I know which carbon fiber is right for my application?
Carbon Fibers are used a lot in a wide range of applications where exceptional
strength and stiffness are needed and reducing weight is significant.

What is unique about the LC Rapid’s process?
We are a one stop shop to offer a wide range of services so that you can get a
completed part. From mold manufacturing, cutting, drilling, finishing,
assembly, we are able to ensure you get a high quality end-use product.
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