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CAS 1783-96-6 Pure Organic Essential Oils Chrysanthemum Essential Oil For M

Wild chrysanthemum oil has a strong aroma and is widely used in the perfume
industry. It can also be used in cigarettes, cosmetics and other fields. As the
current extraction process is backward, the extraction yield and purity of
essential oils are low, the aroma quality is seriously damaged, and solvent
residues are prone to problems, resulting in serious waste of resources.
Therefore, new extraction methods such as microwave extraction and ultrasonic
extraction have been continuously applied to the extraction of essential oils
to improve the yield and quality of essential oils. Adding wild chrysanthemum
oil to the basic formula of cream, toilet water, laundry detergent, detergent,
shower gel, and shampoo does not affect the physical properties and efficacy of
the original product. At the same time, the cool and unique aroma of wild
chrysanthemum itself can be used as a product Add new features. Wild
chrysanthemum is a commonly used Chinese herbal medicine for clearing away heat
and detoxifying. The extract has a clear pharmacological mechanism, a wide
range of sources, low price, and accurate clinical efficacy. As a functional
additive, it is used in daily chemical products, which is bound to broaden the
scope of application of wild chrysanthemum.
CAS 1783-96-6 Pure Organic Essential Oils Chrysanthemum Essential Oil For M
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