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Date/Time:  6/14/22 7:13 GMT

CAS NO 27924-99-8 Cosmetic Oil Dispersant For Pigments

Extraperse-600R is s a biodegradable dispersant for pigments and other
inorganic powders in oil phase. It is specially designed for cosmetic and skin-
care formulations which can greatly increase the dispersity of inorganic powder
in oil phase and decrease the viscosity.

Performance advantages:

Rich color and good compatibility.
Excellent anti - pigment adhesion effect.
Low viscosity, not curing at low temperature, applicable to a wide range of
Biodegradable, non-irritating to skin and non-damaging to hair.

Characteristics & Efficacy:

Do not cure at low temperature (-10°C), easy to plant production all day long.
High performance dispersant for inorganic pigments in cosmetics.
High performance dispersant used in physical sunscreens such as titanium
dioxide and chemical sunscreens in sunscreens.
The stability of dispersion is greatly improved, and the amount of powder added
in the system can be significantly increased.
Improve the anti - settlement ability of the product, extend the preservation
It can significantly reduce the viscosity of the dispersion and is conducive to
production and processing.
Biodegradable, no residue, no pollution to the environment.
Slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in water and other polar solvents.
Physical and Chemical Properties & Indexes

Product Name ExtraPerse-600R
CAS Number 27924-99-8/58128-22-6
Polyhydroxylstearic acid

Form Viscous liquid
Yellow to brown liquid

Smell Grease smell
Material 100% polymers (Polyhydroxystearic acid)
Pour point
Approx 20℃

Thermal decomposition >250℃

Skin care and cosmetic products.
CAS NO 27924-99-8 Cosmetic Oil Dispersant For Pigments
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