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cast iron scribing plate marking off platform for milling machine

Introduction of the main process of cast iron platform

Design of the cast iron platform: According to the design drawings of GB/T7974-
1999 by our professional designers in accordance with your bidding documents,
it will be used as the official processing drawing of the contract equipment
after verification by both parties.

cast iron platform

Production process: The model is made of local high-quality resin sand, dry
type is boxed, and the working surface is facing down to reduce steam holes and
slag holes. The box is qualified, and there are only a few risers around the
return water inlet.

Ingredients: strictly in accordance with the gray cast iron standard: ISO185-
1988. The use of Handan 22# high-quality pig iron and low-carbon steel cuttings
and various trace elements can meet the different requirements of customers for
the required product materials.

The molten iron discharge temperature is above 1480℃ (measured with a
thermocouple thermometer). Take a small amount of molten iron cast triangle
test piece. After the test piece is qualified, the casting temperature is above
1200℃. Boxing and sand cleaning are carried out at least 24 hours after

Aging treatment: Generally, artificial aging and tempering are used to remove
internal stress. Tempering temperature is 530°C, constant temperature is 2-3
hours, more than 48 hours, the furnace temperature drops below 200°C, the
furnace is cooled naturally, and then transferred to the next process. It is
machine-added, and leaves the factory after passing the final inspection.

Processing process and equipment:

Casting: use resin sand lost foam, cupola smelting; take the amount of
processing according to the actual situation; the shrinkage rate of the
manufacturing casting process is 0.8%, and the anti-deformation amount is

Equipment required: 4mX8m drying kiln, 10T/n, 15T/n, cupola for smelting 10T,
5T, 8T. Hot metal ladle QI-2GAJF, carbon and sulfur combined tester, 100T
universal tensile testing machine. For the first time, internal stress is
removed, aging temperature is 550 degrees, and equipment required is 4mX8m
annealing kiln.

Roughing: marking and roughing leave a margin of 5mm. The second time to remove
the internal stress is the same as the first time.

Finishing: Machining the top and bottom, leaving a margin of 0.2-0.3mm. And
processing the surrounding four sides to meet the requirements. Finally, the
working surface is finished and chamfered.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

cast iron scribing plate marking off platform for milling machine
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