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Cata™ TEX Catalase

Cata™ TEX Catalase is derived from Aspergillus niger and produced through
submerged fermentation and refining process. Cata™ TEX Catalase can split
hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen. In bleach clean-up process, it can
remove residue hydrogen peroxide and improve the last preparation before dyeing
under mild conditions.

A high-effective H2O2 elimination catalase from Bestzyme applied in blench
clean-up process with no negative effect on fibers, dyeing process and

Cata TEX is a kind of catalase that specifically breaks down hydrogen peroxide
to oxygen and water.

2H2O2 → 2H20 + O2
Greige fabrics have its natural color, and a process of decolorization
treatment is called bleaching. It can be applied by oxidative or reductive
agents which must be eliminated before dyeing.

Hydrogen peroxide/H2O2 is the most widely used bleaching agent,
correspondingly, catalase is the most popular elimination solution.

Cata™ TEX Catalase
Cata TEX performance profile
Best Operating pH for Cata tex is between 5.5 to 7.5

In ideal operating pH of 6.5, Cata Tex works efficiently between 500C to 650C,
which is again ideal operating condition in the production.

Cata™ TEX Catalase

Cata™ TEX Catalase

Benefits of Cata TEX solution

Highly Concentrated Catalase Enzyme

Fast removal of peroxide

Broad work conditions for robust application

Consistent and reproducible dyeing result

No effect on fibers or dyeing process

Saving in Rinse water and Chemicals

Environmental friendly

Simple and safe to use

Bestzyme Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional Enzyme company, we provide
china enzyme, Complex enzyme, catalase for sale and etc. Want to know more?
Please contact us.
Cata™ TEX Catalase
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