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Chemical Pump

Chemical Pump
1、Chemical pump (stainless steel material) is widely used in petroleum,
chemical, metallurgy, synthetic fiber, pharmaceutical, food, synthetic fiber
and other departments to transport alkaline corrosive medium
2、Chemical pump (fluoroplastic material) is used to transport any acidic,
alkaline corrosive medium
3、Chemical pump (cast iron material) is used for water supply and drainage in
industry and city. It can also be used for irrigation and drainage in farmland
and orchard. It is used for transporting clear water or other liquids with
similar physical and chemical properties.
Chemical pumps are classified according to the conveying medium
1、Water pump: including clear water pump, boiler feed pump, condensate pump
and hot water pump
2、Corrosion resistant pump: including stainless steel pump, high silicon cast
iron pump, ceramic acid resistant pump, impermeable graphite pump, hard rubber
lined pump, rigid PVC pump, canned pump, diaphragm pump, titanium pump, etc.
3、Impurity pump: including slurry pump, sand pump, sewage pump, pulverized
coal pump, ash pump, etc.
4、Oil pump: cold oil pump, hot oil pump, submersible pump, oil slurry pump,
liquid hydrocarbon pump, etc.
Classification of chemical pumps according to their uses
1、Chemical pump: including feed pump, reflux pump, circulating pump, flushing
pump, sewage pump, make-up pump, output pump, etc.
2、Chemical pump: including boiler pump, cooling tower pump, fire pump, water
source deep well pump, etc.
3、Chemical pump: including lubricating oil pump, seal oil pump, hydraulic
transmission pump, etc.
4、Chemical pump: oil pipeline pump, truck pump, etc.
Chemical Pump
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