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Welcome to DPAQ LDA, your one-stop destination for premium Halal
Chicken cuts and an extensive range of other meat products. As a
leading manufacturer and trading company, we take pride in offering
Grade A quality meats sourced from trusted suppliers worldwide.

Halal Chicken Cuts:
Chicken Paws Grade A: Tender and succulent, perfect for culinary
Chicken Feet Grade A: Ideal for soups, stews, and exotic dishes.
Chicken MJW (Mid Joint Wings) Grade A: Delectable wings for finger-
licking enjoyment.
Whole Chicken Grade A: Fresh and plump, ready for roasting or
Chicken 3 Joint Wings Grade A: Perfect for appetizers and snacks.
Chicken Breast Skinless Boneless Grade A: Lean and tender fillets for
various dishes.
Chicken Drumstick Grade A: Rich in flavor, ideal for BBQs or frying.
Chicken Leg Quarters Grade A: Balanced dark and white meat for
versatile cooking.
Chicken Drumette Grade A: Perfect for finger foods and salads.
Chicken Cartilage Grade A: Adds depth to soups and broths.
Chicken Gizzard Grade A: Flavorful addition to soups and curries.
Chicken Hearts Grade A: Tender and savory, great for grilling or
Chicken Upper Backs: Hearty cuts for braising and stewing.
Chicken Liver Grade A: Rich and velvety, perfect for pâtés and

Beyond Chicken:
Beef: From prime cuts to offals, we offer a wide selection of beef
products to suit every taste and preference.
Pork: Explore our range of pork cuts, including ribs, loins, and
sausages, all prepared to perfection.
Veal: Tender and succulent veal cuts, ideal for gourmet dishes and
culinary creations.
Turkey: Juicy and flavorful turkey cuts, perfect for holiday feasts
and special occasions.
Lamb and Goat: Discover the exquisite taste of lamb and goat meat,
carefully sourced and processed for quality.
Sheep, Horse, Camel: Explore unique meat options for adventurous
palates, including sheep, horse, and camel cuts.
Edible Oils: From sunflower to olive oil, we offer a variety of
edible oils to enhance your cooking experience.
Soft Drinks: Quench your thirst with our selection of soft drinks,
including popular brands and refreshing flavors.

Quality Assurance:
All our products meet strict quality standards and undergo thorough
inspection to ensure freshness and taste.
We prioritize food safety and hygiene at every stage of the
production and distribution process.

Order Now:
Experience the finest quality meats and products at DPAQ LDA. Contact
us today to place your order or inquire about our extensive product
range. We look forward to serving you with excellence.

Minimum Order: 5 metric tons

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