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China steam turbine CPU card PCA-6740

China steam turbine CPU card PCA-6740
Is YOYIK for the use of DEC units of the power plant supporting professional
models of products. YOYIK main generator accessories, generator sets of
accessories. For decades, the company relies on advanced technology,
technology, materials and scientific management to improve the stability and
reliability of the pump, for hundreds of thermal power plants, hydropower
stations, cement plants, coal gangue power plants, metallurgical companies,
steel and other overhaul , Technical transformation to provide a reasonable and
excellent equipment selection, construction planning, installation
commissioning, after-sales service, such as perfect complete service, won the
power industry industry wide acclaim.

YOYIK provides multiple types of spare parts and equipments for power plant :
#DF-CPU card PCA-6740-DF
Probe WT0180-A08-B00-C05-D10
Fuse XRNT1-7.2-63A
Pressure switch 4NN-K5-N4-B1A-X371
heating element ZJ-20-8B
LVDT Position Sensor TDZ-1-100
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-22-34
Card DZXL-ZL-E-735
Transducer LJB1-1A/10V
Speed Sensor CS-1
Signal Acquisition module GES3000 3L4488
Back plate for servo controller DF-ZXB2
Bolt Heater RJ-14.5-750
Probe 330104-00-05-10-02-00
Sensor DF6202-005-080-03-00-01-00
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-22-T2
Thermal Resistance WZPK-237S
Flame detector EIIS-1-A-228X
Pressure transmitter 3051GP3A2B21AB4M5D1\0~1MPa
Fast Fuse 105RSM-500V/300A-8
Differential pressure transmitter 3051CD1A22A1BB4DFM5HR5
Probe CWY-DO-811402
Conductivity Meter 2402B
Axial Displacement Sensor With Converter and Indicator HZW
Brake Switch 9AG-EF45-NI-FIA
Sensor DET-500B
Control system LVDT 4000TD-E\0~200
Gap Sensor Cable GJCL-15
Bolt Electric Heater ZJ-20-42
LVDT displacement sensor 4000TD
Signal Instruction Card 3L4498
HP Actuator LVDT Position Sensor K156.33.31.04G02
Probe CWY-DO-813502
Guide Vane Opening DYK-11-1010
TSI Preamplifier CON011/916-100
CPU card PCA-6740

Sensor DET-400B
Wave Spring SR-103V
Gap Power Supply GJCD-15
RTD (Pt-100) DZ3.5.1-1995
Pressure Gauge WK08559
converter A/D DZXL-ZL-E-6682
Armoured Thermocouple TC03A2-KY-2B/S11
CV Limit Switch W.21.D.0013
Platinum Thermal Resistance WZP2-014s PT100 2M
LVDT Position Sensor 3000TDGN
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-19.5-650
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-20-15
Power Supply KJ-LH-200W-3
Limit switch FRD.WJA7.043A
RTD temperature probe WZPK2-338
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-20-23
Acuator Transmitter TDZ-IF
Pressure switch 56NN-K316-M2-F1A-XX371
Current Sensor TM0110-A00-B00-C05-D50
Pressure Switch WK02763
LVDT Position Sensor DET100A
Sensor DET600B
Pressure Switch 15RB-EE2-N4-C2A
Sensor 500TD 0-25mm
Acuator Transmitter TDZ-IF
Speed sensor ZS-04-75-3000-20
Positioner V18345-1010121001 TZIDC
Rotation Speed Probe CWY-DO-20T08-B-M10*1-00-05-50
LVDT Position Sensor ZDET-200A
Fire Detector Amplifier EFD-II-B-1
For XE-100 Light DN-1000A Optical fiber
Thermal resistance WZP-230 Pt100
Magnetic Resistance Speed Sensor SZCB-01
Electric actuator SND-Z30-24S
Pressure Switch 559694-N4D150
Fuse FD20GB100V20T CC1051
CPU card PCA-6740


Minimum Order: 1 pieces

China steam turbine CPU card PCA-6740
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