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Petrochemical Products

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Summary of 5/27/22 18:22 GMT:
INNOV OIL Ltd - Callan, Ireland
We are manufacturer of viscosity index improver (VII) polymers based in Singapore
Syntop chemical Co Ltd - Tianjin, Tianjin China
Syntop chemical Co.,Ltd. is a professional w , ax supplier from China . We have owned wax factory and can supply 
Puyang Tennants Chemical Co.,Ltd Logo
Puyang Tennants Chemical Co.,Ltd - Puyang, Henan China
Specialized in hydrocarbon resin and petroleum resins
* Ningbo Yonghua Resin is a professional manufacturer of C5 and C9 hydrocarbon resin
Ningbo Yonghua resin - Ningbo , Zhejiang China
Ningbo Yonghua Resin Co., Ltd., is a professional company capable of producing various kinds of C5 petroleum resins.
GDG GROUP CERAMIC LIMITED - Tianjin, Tianjin China
GDG CERAMIC-Chinese Exporter of Ceramic Fracturing Proppant for Oilwell.
* To purifying and recycling used oils,you are protecting the environment, conserving a valuable resource, and getting paid for it. That's a winning combination!
* Huili Chemicals Group Co.,Ltd.specialized in Organic compounds,Inorganic compounds,Fine Chemicals,API and Intermediates,hormones,Amino acid,Pyridine,Pyrimidine,Boronic acid
* we supply motor oil, gear oil, engine oil ,hydraulic oil, base oilmazut amnd lot more 20w40 ,20w 50 and more.
Communication Link - Karachi, Pakistan
Trading House with diversified business portfolio
* We are one of the international pure sulphur trader in Turkey since 1980s.
Global pronet - Amagasaki, Hyogo Japan
Connecting Sellers and Buyers WorldWide
Trading Kosar Co Ltd. - Tabriz, Iran
ast countries, mid Asian countries, ease and west Europe and china, as well as Taiwan, Korea,

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