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Compressor R404A Refrigerant Bread Vacuum Cooler 21KW

Product Description

What's vacuum cooler?

It can be used to quickly reduce the temperature of fried food in a short
time to ensure the quality and color of the product. The boiling point of
water drops as the air pressure decreases, the water in the food will boil,
and some of it will evaporate. At this time, the heat of vaporization will
take away the heat, and the food itself can be cooled. The vacuum cooler
using this principle is currently an indispensable equipment for the thermal
processing of food.

Compressor R404A Refrigerant Bread Vacuum Cooler 21KW 0

Step 1.Vaporizing moisture from inside the product.
Step 2.Takes away energy in the form of heat from fresh produces.
Step 3.Make the surface and core temperatures are the same.

Compressor R404A Refrigerant Bread Vacuum Cooler 21KW 1 Compressor R404A
Refrigerant Bread Vacuum Cooler 21KW 2

1. The cooling time is short. It takes only 10-15 minutes for cooked food to
cool from 90℃ to normal temperature, and 25 minutes for 10℃.

2. The cooked food cooled in a sealed vacuum state during the cooling
process cleans and smells, and there is no bacterial contamination.

3.The cooling temperature is uniform, and the temperature of each part of
the food in the vacuum tank has been kept uniformly falling.

4. Change the cooling temperature as needed, and the temperature required
for cooling cooked food can be easily obtained by adjusting the degree of

5. Improve the quality of cooked food, put the food under high temperature
to oxidize, and avoid the optimal breeding period of bacteria at 30-70℃.

6.It occupies a small area, does not produce any pollution during operation,
and can be directly installed at the cooked food production site

Vacuum cooler vacuum cooling machine for bakery bread cooked food sushi rice
Model No. Processing caoacity Vacuum chamber deminsion (mm)
Produce weight (kg) Electricity type Total power(KW)
AVCF-30 1 Trolley 800x500x600 20-30 220V-660V/3P 3.2
AVCF-50 1 Trolley 500x800x1000 30-50 220V-660V/3P 5.1
AVCF-100 1 Trolley 750x1000x1850 80-100 220V-660V/3P 9.5
AVCF-150 1 Trolley 850x1050x1950 120-150 220V-660V/3P 13.8
AVCF-200 2 Trolley 850x1250x1950 150-200 220V-660V/3P 16.5
AVCF-300 2 Trolleys 850x1500x1950 250-300 220V-660V/3P 21
AVCF-400 2 Trolleys 850x1800x1950 320-400 220V-660V/3P 28
AVCF-500 2 Trolleys 1200x1800x2200 420-500 220V-660V/3P 35
Compressor R404A Refrigerant Bread Vacuum Cooler 21KW
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