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Cordless Pressure Washer

The design of the cordless high pressure washer is wireless and runs on a
rechargeable Li-Ion battery, making it suitable for outdoor tasks.

The cordless electric power washer is versatile and simple to clean.

The cordless high pressure cleaner comes with a high-capacity lithium
battery, ideal for use outside.

It’s light and handy, with an extended battery lifespan.

The handle is designed for user comfort, making it easy to hold for extended

The high pressure cordless electric power cleaner can clean anywhere there's
water, including from a bucket, bottle, stream, or pool.

The fine stainless steel screen offers high efficiency and deep filtration,
providing thorough double filtration of water impurities and ensuring the
pump’s longevity.

Cordless Car Pressure Washer Instruction
Open the product packaging, take out of the packaging all product
components. Arrange all the accessories well, first of all, check whether
the spare parts are complete, without any missing. Confirm the accessories,
then we can do the next assembly.

Connect the water gun, the battery, and the water pipe to the water gun. The
battery installed on the water gun connected the water gun to check that the
water gun is working properly and then inlet water pipe.

Fill the bucket with water, and finally put the water pipe directly into the
bucket, turn on the switch, and you can work normally.

Can foam pot filled with cleaning liquid and installed with the water gun.

Folding bucket filled with water, the hose complaints directly to the
bucket, or directly into the water, press the switch, can be used normally.

There are many cordless power tool manufacturers, but we are one of the best
choices for you.
Cordless Pressure Washer
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