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Cuttlefish Bones/ Dried cuttlefish bone/ Cuttle fish bone

Cuttlefish bone or squid bone refers to the internal cartilaginous shell of
the cuttlefish, a relative of the squid and octopus. Cuttlefish bone is
typically smooth and white, with small, wavy lines or ridges.

1. It resists peptic ulcer, tumor, and radiation and sets a broken bone;
2. Calcium carbonate contained can neutralize stomach acid, change the pH
of the stomach contents, reduce pepsin activity, and promote the healing of
3. After chitin contained reacts with organic matter in stomach and gastric
juice, it could form a protective layer on the surface of the ulcer and
then promote the blood coagulation;
4. Animal experiments showed that cuttlefish bone could obviously promote
bone defect repair

Product name : Cuttlebone
Type : Natural, Raw, Dried
Moisture:13% Max
Broken:5% Max
Size: 1-8cm, 9-14cm , 10-15cm, 15-22cm, over 22cm up
Width : 4cm onwards
Calcium Content :34% min
ryness: 95% min
Color: White
Toxic Chemicals: No bleached
Sun Light: Dried
Appearance: Ivory white, Clean, No foreign matter, No mold
Packaging : 5kg - 10kg - 25kg - 50kg per PP bag or /carton

Minimum Order: 200 metric tons

Cuttlefish Bones/ Dried cuttlefish bone/ Cuttle fish bone
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