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Diesel engine training platform

Product Introduction
The electronically controlled diesel common rail engine training platform
adopts the electronically controlled diesel engine as the basis, and the
practical operation of the engine can be started, accelerated, decelerated and
other working conditions, and the composition structure and working process of
the electronically controlled diesel engine are truly displayed.
The electronically controlled diesel engine training platform is suitable for
the teaching needs of schools for electronically controlled diesel engine and
maintenance training.
Second, functional characteristics
1. The real operable electronically controlled diesel engine
(acceleration/deceleration/idle working conditions are normal), fully
demonstrating the composition and working process of the electronically
controlled diesel engine.
2. The training bench panel adopts 4mm thick high-grade aluminum-plastic panel
with corrosion resistance, impact resistance, pollution resistance, fire
prevention and moisture resistance, and the surface is treated by special
process spraying primer; The panel is printed with a color circuit diagram that
does not fade; Students can visually compare the circuit diagram and the
electronically controlled diesel engine to understand and analyze the working
principle of the control system.
3. The panel of the training bench is equipped with a detection terminal, which
can directly detect the electrical signals of each sensor, actuator and engine
control unit pin, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency signal, etc.
on the panel.
4. The panel of the training bench is equipped with a car instrument, which can
display the engine speed, water temperature, oil pressure lamp, charging
indicator, electronic control system fault indicator and other parameter
changes in real time.
5. The training bench is equipped with a diagnostic seat, which can be
connected to a special or general-purpose code generator to read fault codes,
clear fault codes, read data streams and other self-diagnosis functions of the
engine electronic control system.
6. The training station is equipped with throttle control device, which can
facilitate the acceleration and deceleration of the engine.
7. The training platform is equipped with power switch, water tank protective
cover, flywheel protective cover and other installation protection devices.
8. The base in front of the equipment testing panel is equipped with a 20cm
steel table, which is convenient for placing data, testing instruments, etc.
9. The base of the training platform adopts steel structure welding, the
surface adopts spraying process, and the front / both sides are welded round
handguard rods, with self-locking caster device, flexible movement, safe and
reliable, strong and durable
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