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Do you think it is the right way to play the 5 cards of AAK Hydraulic Valve

As the manager of AAK Hydraulic Valve, I have 5 cards in my hand, which are
time, protection, encouragement, reward and punishment. Most of the time, the
quality of the card is not important, the player is the core. What a bad hand
is also a card. Maybe there is no "smash a good hand", because the biggest card
in a hand is the player.
The first card is time. Time can only be given to growers. In the first year of
our factory construction, an apprentice came. His qualification was average,
but his attitude was very good. Once the blank was bad, he said, give me more
time, and I will do better. Half a year later, he was one of the best lathe
workers who entered the factory in the same period.

The 2 most common dimensions of people are attitude and ability. If I can only
choose one, I choose "attitude". Because attitude can make a person take the
initiative, have the space to cultivate and have the potential to grow. As long
as one person is willing to grow, it is worth giving him time. In AAK Hydraulic
Valve, I'm not worried about your ability. I'm only worried about your growth.
Giving time to a lazy person who feels good about himself is a wrong deal.

The second card is protection. Protecting card can only be given to innovators.
The innovation of AAK Hydraulic Valve needs to try and break through. It is
inevitable to make mistakes. The protection at this time, is to protect the
enthusiasm for innovation, and the possible innovation results. At the
beginning of last year, a non-standard high-precision hydraulic valve from a
German customer was developed at AAK, our chief engineer fell ill, and this job
was temporarily transferred to Engineer Chen. He didn't go home for a week. He
stayed in the factory to follow up all the processes, including design,
technical transformation, computer operation and testing. Despite several
technical improvements, one parameter still failed to meet the standard.
Although the customer canceled the trial order, AAK did not criticize and
encouraged him to continue the technical transformation, and the cost was paid
from the financial expenses. 3 months later, the second sample was sent to the
German customer at our cost. The customer not only confirmed all the
parameters, but also marveled that AAK Hydraulic Valve did not give up the
technical transformation.

Whether it's technological transformation or innovation, it's actually not
difficult . The most important thing is persistence. Many people find it
difficult when they encounter problems, but if they don't try and dare not
break through, how about innovation. It is the cornerstone of the development
of AAK Hydraulic Valve to protect people who are willing to try innovation and
can persevere.

The third card is encouragement. Encouragement should be given to those who
work hard. When the technicians of AAK Hydraulic Valve encounter technical
problems, they can stay at the factory for a week in order to solve problems
for customer as quickly as possible. Take a sleeping bag and sleep in the
meeting room. In production, it is common for the workshop director not to go
home for a week in case of emergencies. Last month, due to the epidemic, a
batch of raw materials from Shanghai were not in place in time, and the
delivery time of customer order would be delayed by 2 weeks. After the
materials were in place, director Wang of the workshop mobilized the
technicians to improve the production progress by working in two shifts of 12
hours. He was on duty for 24 hours and dozed off in the workshop for 2 hours
when sleepy and worked hard for a week. Although it was still 3 days late,
everyone was affirmed, encouraged and had an extra 2-day holiday at the
production meeting of AAK Hydraulic Valve at the end of the month.

If possible, it's good for you to work harder. People who spend 100% or even
120% of their efforts to do something deserve to be encouraged.

The fourth card is a reward, which can only be given to the producer. Applaud
for hard work and pay for contribution. AAK Hydraulic Valve is ability
oriented, performance oriented and output oriented, and rewards the producers.
I told AAK Hydraulic Salve staff that you don't have to think about whether you
want to report today or whether you want to have an extra meal with me
tomorrow. I don't care. I am more concerned about your performance and output.
The reward card can only be given to those who have output. In the second half
of the year before last, technician Xiao Wang successfully developed a
hydraulic valve, which helped AAK successfully signed a strategic cooperation
agreement with a Russian customer, the sales performance in the Russian market
doubled year-on-year. At the annual meeting last year, I gave Xiao Wang 25% of
the sales profit of this customer. Many colleagues were not surprised at all,
because AAK only rewarded those who contributed.

The fifth card is punishment. Punishment should be given to violators. Those
who violate the values of the process system should be punished. Hydraulic
valve manufacturers without punishment will lose the bottom line and
principles. We must punish when we should. Especially in the usual output
assessment, we should look at two things at the same time: 1. Has the goal been
achieved? 2. By what method? The first point is to look at ability and output.
The second point is to look at the system and values. If someone violates the
system and values, even if the result is good, he should be punished.

We have a sales Linda, who is mainly responsible for the Asian market. Her
performance goal last year was not only achieved, but also increased by 50%.
From the data, it is a good thing. However, as soon as the finance department
checked, it was found that her quotation did not comply with the financial
regulations. For example, two customers in India were gave different prices for
the same purchase demand. Some large quantities of hydraulic valves are quoted
to trade orders at the expense of the company's profits. I interviewed her and
transferred her to another position. She is no longer in charge of sales.

AAK hydraulic valve gives growers time. Protect innovators. Give encouragement
to those who work hard. Reward the producers. Punish the violator. , detail/hydraulic-valves-aak276
Do you think it is the right way to play the 5 cards of AAK Hydraulic Valve
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