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Dried Barberry ( Zereshk )

Our Dried Barberry, also known as “Zereshk”, will add a mouthful of sweet
and sour to any of your favorite recipes. Whether you’re cooking a Persian
rice dish or experimenting with Middle Eastern cuisine, you’re sure to find
a use for these little rubies.
• Barberries’ sharp taste is compatible with a multitude of food,
from granola and trail mix to saffron chicken and pilaf. These barberries
are also a natural source of pectin, making them the perfect base for a
tasty jelly. Their jewel-like appearance and the bright red color even
makes them an attractive and edible garnish. If your recipe is too sweet or
has a flavor that is overwhelming the dish, using a couple scoops of dried
barberries can help to mellow out the sweetness.
• Our dried organic barberries are dried without any additives such
as sugar or oils making them a delicious and healthy treat. So, there is no
wrong way to enjoy this healthy addition to your daily diet.
• These tiny berries pack a powerful punch of tart and tangy flavor,
adding complexity to both sweet and savory dishes. The subtle sourness
creates a versatile flavor profile in marinades and salad dressings.
• When paired with caraway, cardamom, dill, fennel, or tarragon,
barberries can complement the rich flavor of chicken pork and lamb chops.

Health Benefits:

• Organic barberries are rich in many key antioxidants including
Vitamin C. They have been used for hundreds of years to treat gout and
dissolve kidney stones.
• Barberries can be an effective treatment for bladder, urinary,
yeast and gastrointestinal infections
• Barberries can also be used as an aid in treating a sore throat,
heart burn, sinusitis, bronchitis, nasal congestion and respiratory
• Berberine is a natural compound found in barberries that has
excellent antibacterial, anti fungal and antiprotozoal properties. This is
an excellent way to help fight against respiratory tract infections,
urinary tract infections and inflammation.
• Berberine found in barberries acts on the smooth muscles that line
the intestines helping aid in improved digestion and reduced
gastrointestinal pain. It can also help treat diarrhea from food poisoning.
• To support overall health and well-being, barberries are rich in B-
complex vitamins. A single serving of dried barberries is high in
antioxidants, which fight free radicals and reduce the risk for premature
aging. Barberries can be an effective cleanser for the liver and is used to
promote vigor and immunity.

Organic Dried Barberries

Iran Dried Barberries Specification

Type: Dried seedless ripe fruit of Barberries (Barberry vulgaris)

Drying Method: Air Dry in shade (Puffy Type – Pofaki),
Sun Dry (Sundried Type – Dane Anari)

Cultivation Type: Organic, in Open Air

Color: Red (light crimson)

Taste: Sour (natural fruit flavor)

Consistency: Firm, non-sticky

Shelf Life: 12 months

Place of Origin: Iran

Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP

Sample Submission: Available

Website: , /

Phone Number/Whatsapp:
+98 910 2293627

Contact Email ID:

Minimum Order: 1 metric tons

Dried Barberry ( Zereshk )
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