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Date/Time:  6/8/21 2:59 GMT

Drying Room Box-Type Dryer Drying Baker Chamber Dryer

Box-type dryer, also known as drying room or drying baker. This kind of dryer
uses the pure hot air to continuously circulate through the drying chamber. In
the process of heating the material, the hot air takes away the moisture
generated during drying by the way, to achieve the purpose of drying.

In the drying oven, the components such as the oven and the tray are made of
stainless steel, so they are not only clean and hygienic but also durable and
have a long service life. It even has equipped with an automatic control system
to make it easy for you to operate.

During the drying process, the materials are placed in stationary trays, which
is not prone to adhesion and can maintain the original shape and color of the
materials. Based on the above characteristics, the drying room is especially
suitable for drying fruits, vegetables and Chinese medicinal materials which
have high-quality requirements.
Drying Room  Box-Type Dryer  Drying Baker  Chamber Dryer
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