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Dust Collector

Shot blasting of casts, forged and pressed parts, remodeled cold or hot, of
various complicated forms, springs, etc. (load capacities ranging up to Shot
blasting of casts, forged and pressed part, remodeled cold or hot, of various
complicated forms, springs, etc.)

Specification of Abrasive Blasting Dust Collector
odel Air volume(m3/h) Filtering Area(㎡) Pressure  (Mpa)
Inlet dust concentration (g/m3) Outlet dust concentration (g/m3)
BHMC-32 2880-4880 32 0.4-0.6 <1000 <10-80
BHMC-48 4320-7200 48 0.4-0.6 <1000 <10-80
BHMC-60 5400-9000 60 0.4-0.6 <1000 <10-80
BHMC-72 6480-10800 72 0.4-0.6 <1000 <10-80
BHMC-90 8100-13500 90 0.4-0.6 <1000 <10-80
BHMC-120 10800-18000 120 0.4-0.6 <1000 <10-80
BHMC-150 13000-22500 150 0.4-0.6 <1000 <10-80
BHMC-180 16200-27000 180 0.4-0.6 <1000 <10-80
BHMC-210 18900-31500 210 0.4-0.6 <1000 <10-80

Advantages of Dust Collector
High dust removal efficiency: the pulse reverse blow type industrial abrasive
blasting dust collector adopts the sub-room stop wind pulse spray dust cleaning
technology, and the cleaning efficiency is higher improved the operating
conditions of bag changing: the pulse back-blowing dust collector adopts the
upper bag drawing method. After the skeleton is drawn out when the bag is
changed, the dirty bag is put into the lower part of the box.

Good sealing: The box body is designed with airtightness, good sealing, and the
door is made of excellent sealing materials. During the production process, it
is detected by kerosene.

Reduced energy consumption for dust cleaning: Since the pulse-reverse-type dust
collector for shot blasting adopts the sub-chamber air-stop pulse spraying for
dust cleaning, the purpose of complete dust cleaning can be achieved by blowing
once, so the dust cleaning cycle is prolonged and the energy consumption for
dust cleaning is reduced.

The long life of the filter bag: overhauling and replacing the bag can be
carried out in separate rooms under the normal operating conditions of the
system fan. The filter bag mouth adopts an elastic expansion ring, which has
good sealing performance, firm and reliable. The filter bag keel adopts
polygonal shape, which reduces the friction between the bag and the keel,
prolongs the life of the bag, and is convenient for unloading the bag.

Improved bag-changing operating conditions: the pulse backflushing dust
collector for shot blasting adopts the upper bag-drawing method. After the bag
is withdrawn, the dirty bag is put into the ash hopper at the bottom of the box
and taken out through the manhole, which improves the bag-changing operating

Good air tightness: The airtight design of the box body, good airtightness,
excellent sealing material for inspection doors, kerosene leak detection during
production, the low air leakage rate

Application of Dust Collector
Cement plant

Chemical industry

Foundry industry

Light industry

Rubber industry

Stone sand crush plant

Production Process of Dust Collector
It separates the dust from the flue gas is called a dust collector or dust
removal equipment. The role of the dust collector will be to filter out the
dust. For example, in coal mines, some coal powder will appear during
construction. For construction workers, the dust will have a great impact on
their bodies, and may also explode. The dust can be filtered out by the dust

Vibrating bag dust collector and pulse dust collector are two commonly used
dust collectors for shot blasting.

Comprehensive Comparison of Mechanical Vibration Dust Collector and Pulse
Reverse Dust Collector
Mechanical vibrating bag dust collector is generally used for working
conditions where the air volume for dust removal is not large and the
atmospheric emission requirements are not high. It is a more traditional method
of dust removal. One time. Its advantages are small footprint, simple
production and installation. During the dust removal process, the dust sticking
to the surface of the bag is shaken off by vibrating and sags by gravity.

Pulse back-blowing bag dust collector is used in the working condition with
increased dust removal air volume and relatively high atmospheric emission
requirements. It is the most widely used dust removal method at present. Use,
the bag has special skeleton support, the dust on the surface of the bag is
back blown by compressed air, the intake pipe has a special venturi, a special
back blowing channel, a pulse controller and a pulse control valve to control
the back blowing time and beat , Dust sticking to the surface of the cloth bag
is combined with gravity to fall down by blowing back. It has the advantages of
high dust removal efficiency, obvious dust removal effect, and less dust
emission from the atmosphere; the disadvantage is that the area is slightly
larger and the cost is slightly higher.

The principle of the pulse reverse filter cartridge dust collector is the same
as that of the pulse reverse bag filter, except that the filter material is the
filter cartridge. The filter cartridge is pleated and has a skeleton, so it has
a larger filtration area and a smaller volume, The overall cost is not much
different from the pulse blowback bag filter. The advantages are: the volume
and shape of the equipment are slightly smaller, and the transportation and
installation are convenient. It is mostly used in the steel structure industry
and workshops, grinding and dust removal industries. If it is used in the
casting and forging industry, it needs to be equipped with a cyclone dust
collector for primary filtration. The disadvantage is that the cost of
replacing a single filter cartridge is slightly higher, but the overall price
and the price of the pulse bag filter are moderate

Pulse cleaning cartridge filter and bag filter pulse cleaning principle, in
that it is a cartridge filter material, the filter cartridge is due to the
fold-shaped, with its own frame, so compared to the filter area, small overall
cost and pulse cleaning bag filter is not very different. Advantages are: the
volume of the device is slightly smaller form factor, easy to transport and
install. Used for the steel industry and workshop, grinding dust and other
industries, such as casting and forging industry uses front Cyclones need to be
equipped with a preliminary filter. The disadvantages are: single filter
cartridge replacement cost is slightly higher, but moderate overall price and
pulse bag filter Price
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Dust Collector
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