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Contact: Wang Huaibei
Company: Bengbu Aipu Compressor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
No.282, Longxing Road, Bengbu Industry Park, Huaishang District, Bengbu, Anhui,China
Bengbu, Anhui 233000
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Date/Time:  5/12/21 1:31 GMT

E-type Hydrogen Gas Compressor

Bengbu Aipu Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional reciprocating
compressor manufacturer / hydrogen compressor manufacturers from China. Our
main products include BOG compressors, LPG compressors, CNG compressors,
recycle gas compressor,reciprocating gas compressor,oil and gas compressor,and
natural gas compressor for CNG/LNG tank trucks, CNG filling station, LNG
filling station, LNG gasification station, L-CNG filling station, LNG storage
station, LNG peak regulation station, LNG receiving station, LPG filling
station, chemical plant, oil and gas plant, etc.

This types of ammonia compressors are mainly used for (methanol, natural gas,
coal gas) cracking hydrogen production, water electrolysis hydrogen production,
hydrogen filling bottle, benzene hydrogenation, tar hydrogenation, catalytic
cracking, and other hydrogen booster compressors. Aipu is one of the leading
hydrogen compressor manufacturers, we have various hydrogen compressors for
sale such as hydrogen recycle compressors, high-pressure hydrogen compressors,
hydrogen booster compressors, reciprocating hydrogen compressors, small
hydrogen compressors, etc.

V-type Hydrogen Gas Compressor Features
Designed specifically for process flow.

The whole hydrogen gas compressor is skid-mounted, with advanced structure and
good sealing.

Wide working pressure range and wide flow range of the hydrogen recycle
Stable operation, convenient maintenance and perfect automatic control
protection of the hydrogen compression system

Energy-saving and environmental protection, easy to operate and maintain.

V-type Hydrogen Gas Compressor Application
This type of industrial compressor with good ammonia compressor price is widely
used in various hydrogen production systems, polysilicon industry, hydrogen
filling bottles, benzene hydrogenation, ammonia decomposition and other

There are different types of reciprocating gas compressors, such as hydrogen
recycle compressor,small hydrogen compressor,high pressure hydrogen
compressor,hydrogen booster compressor,reciprocating hydrogen compressor,etc.
Generally, they pressurize the gas to some desired pressure to meet people's
demands although the compressing mediums are different.And now the hydrogen
compressor for sale activities are under doing,so the hydrogen compressor price
is reasonable.

Technical Parameters and Specifications of V-type Hydrogen Gas Compressor

No. Model Flow rate (Nm3/h) Inlet pressure (Mpa) Discharge
pressure (Mpa) Medium Motor power (KW) overall dimension (mm)
1 VW-5.8/0.7-15 510 0.07 1.5 H2 75 2500*2100*1400
2 VW-4.9/2-20 750 0.2 2 H2 90 2800*2100*1400

Minimum Order: 5 sets

E-type Hydrogen Gas Compressor
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