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Early Maturing Fruit Red Pearl Tomato Seeds Tomato Seeds Wholesale

Product Name: Red Pearl Tomato
Weight (G): 1000 (grains)
Selling Price USD: $1.33

The fruit is red and bright, neat, sweet in taste, with many pulp, crisp and
tender, few seeds, not easy to crack, and good merchantability

Product Description
Main characters:
Newly cultivated early maturing fruit tomato variety selected by our
company. Resistant to virus disease, leaf mold, gray mold and epidemic
disease.  It has strong growth heat, tall plants, infinite growth type, sparse
leaves and strong fruiting power. One flower ear can bear about 60 fruits, and
one plant can bear more than 500 fruits when pruning with two poles.  The
fruit is spherical in shape, dark red and bright in color, neat, sweet in
taste, with a sugar content of about 10.6 degrees. The fruit is hard and crisp,
with few seeds, not easy to crack, and has good merchantability.
Main cultivation measures:
Select loose and fertile soil, apply sufficient base fertilizer, coordinate
fertilizer and water during fruit expansion period, and prevent fruit cracking.
Cultivate strong seedlings for transplanting, high border cultivation, single
plant colonization, timely erect and prune, and colonize about 2500 plants per
mu. Apply rotten organic fertilizer again, followed by phosphorus and potassium
fertilizer, and note that calcium fertilizer has a certain impact on commodity
quality and color.
In the suitable planting area, the variety has stable yield, disease
resistance, stress resistance, adaptability and performance in different years.
Quality index
Purity Cleanliness Germination Ratio Water Content
≥96% ≥98% ≥85% ≤7%
Country of Origin China
Early Maturing Fruit Red Pearl Tomato Seeds      Tomato Seeds Wholesale
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