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Electric Annealing Furnace

Metal tech electric annealing furnace / solution annealing furnace is one of
the heat treatment equipment in mechanical industry. Which put the wire or
metal parts in different heating furnaces, slowly heat them to a certain
temperature, keep them for a period of time, and then cool them at an
appropriate speed (usually natural cooling, sometimes controlled cooling).

According to different energy sources, it can be classified into electric
energy, gas energy and oil energy. Users can choose according to their own
situation. This is the annealing furnace of electric energy.

Specifications of Electric Annealing Furnace
Furnace specification Power supply: Electricity
Capacity: 2.0T/8hours
Power: 70kw
Furnace Body 5mm Q235 board furnace shell
Lightweight firebrick Internal liner
Holocellulose alumina silicate keeping temperature
Heating element: Cr20Ni80
Furnace Tube Thickness: 8mm,
Dia.: 800mm,
high: 1200mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Working Process of Annealing Wire a. Two hours heating to 650°C-700°C
b. Keeping Temperature 650°C-700°Cfor 2 hours
c. Keep the tube in the furnace, cooling for 4 hours till the
temperature is about 300°C
d. Taking out of the tube put another one in
e. When the tube temperature is below 170°C, take the wire out

Advantages of Electric Annealing Furnace
Metal tech Annealing furnace use high-quality material parts, strict quality
management all these guarantee superior quality and long performance Annealing
furnace life.

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and download it.

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Minimum Order: 1000 gallons

Electric Annealing Furnace
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