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Contact: Mr. Potter Ruan
Company: Wuhan Chuqiang Biological Technology Co.,ltd
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Date/Time:  5/26/22 6:04 GMT

Environmentally Friendly SeNPV BT Pesticides For Crop Protection

Product Description:
Baculoviruses have a unique mode of action. The virus infects and multiplies
within the insect larvae, resulting in death, and the virus can then be
transferred to subsequent pest generations and lead to a sustainable population
reduction of the pest population. Its unique mode of action has the further
advantage of addressing resistance to other insecticides or managing resistance
prevention in pest control strategies.

Existing viral preparations are easy to use and can be sprayed like any other
insecticide. They are compatible with almost all other active ingredients. As a
result, we see increasing potential for the use of insect viruses in integrated
strategies for integrated pest management systems.

Working Mechanism:

Spodoptera exigua nuclear polyhedrosis virus (SeNPV) is a microorganism that
kills Spodoptera exigua. After spraying onto crops and being eaten by pests,
the virus particles replicate and multiply in the pest body, and quickly spread
to all parts of the pest. Parts of the body are drastically engulfed to consume
the tissues of the worms, and the pests do not eat or move during the period of
‘illness’, causing a sub-lethal effect, and eventually the whole body is
killed by water. spraying on the insects, the larvae that will hatch will bite
after eating the egg shell Death by feeding on the virus. In addition, virus
particles can continue to be transmitted to the next generation or other pests
through the body fluids and feces of dead insects like a ‘plague’, so that
field pests can be effectively controlled for a long time.
Environmentally Friendly SeNPV BT Pesticides For Crop Protection
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