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Ethyl acetate Acetic acid ethyl ester

Ethyl acetate Acetic acid ethyl ester eco-friendly bio base materials

Ethyl Acetate Acetic acid ethyl ester C4H8O2 CAS NO. 141-78-6 is green,
eco-friendly, low-carbon, sustainability organic ester compound.

Name:  Ethyl acetate
Synonyms:  Acetic acid ethyl ester
Molecular Formula:  C4H8O2
Molecular Weight:  88.10
CAS Registry Number: 141-78-6
EINECS 205-500-4
Ethyl Acetate is an organic ester compound with a molecular formula of
C4H8O2.  It is commonly used as a solvent for cleaning, paint removal and
coatings.  It is a colourless liquid with a fruity characteristic odour that
is commonly recognised in glues and nail polish remover.  This product is
highly flammable with a flash point of -4° C and a flammability rating of 3. 
It is highly miscible with all common organic solvents (alcohols, ketones,
glycols, esters) but only slightly miscibility in water.

Eco-Solvent Advantage
Green, ECO-Friendly, Low-carbon, Sustainability.
Non-toxic and harmless, no sulfur, no aromatic hydrocarbon, no benzene, no
heavy metal, easy to degrade, no residue.

Technical index
Item Unit Specification SJ-01
Appearance / Transparent liquid,no visible impurity qualified
Odor / Consistent with characteristic odor,no   odor qualified
Ethyl Acetate %(m/m) 99.5min 99.9
Ethanol %(m/m) 0.05max 0.004
Acidity(as acetic acid) %(m/m) 0.04max 0.003
Moisture %(m/m) 0.05max 0.039
Residuce on evaporation %(m/m) 0.01max 0.001
Density@20℃ g/cm3 0.897-0.902 0.900
Chromaticity(pt-co) Hazen 10max 5
Distillationrange(0℃,101325pa) ℃ 76-78 76.2-77.8

Ethyl acetate is most commonly used as a solvent (due to its dilution
properties).  As a high purity solvent, it is used in cleaning electric
circuit boards and as a nail polish remover.  At a lower purity, it can be
used as in printing, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, food, decaffeination of
tea/coffee and a carrier solvent for herbicides.  Ethyl acetate is also used
in coating formulations for wood furniture, agricultural, construction
equipment, mining equipment and marine uses.  It is also naturally produced in
wine during the fermentation process.  The main user end markets of these
product are the electronics, cosmetic, printing, food and coatings industries.

1) 200L drums
2) 1000L IBC Tank
3) 24 CBM Flexitank
4) 25 CBM ISO Tank

What is solvent?
Organic solvents are chemical substances with carbon-based molecular
structures. They are used to extract one material from another, or to dissolve
the material to form a solution.

Types of solvent
Solvents can be divided into all-natural and synthetic solvents;
Organic solvents can be categorized based upon their structure and also useful
teams. They might be categorized right into aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic
(non-aromatic) hydrocarbons, and carbon compounds with different useful groups
consisting of carbonyls, alcohols, ethers, and halocarbons.
Safe Organic Solvents, Green Solvents, Bio-Based Solvent Formulations, Food
Grade Solvents, Natural Solvents And Bio Solvents for Sale in China.

Shijia Chemical supply compounds Used as Solvents which include:
Product Name Synonyms Molecular Formula CAS NO.
Oleic Acid Octadecenoic acid; cis-9-Octadecenoic acid C18H34O2
Methyl oleate Methyl cis-9-octadecenoate; (Z)-9-Octadecenoic acid methyl
ester C19H36O2 112-62-9
Methyl Palmitate Methyl palmitate C17H34O2 112-39-0
Fatty Acid Methyl Ester FAME C16H26O2 68990-52-3
Dimethyl carbonate Methyl carbonate; Carbonic acid dimethyl ester
OC(OCH3)2 616-38-6
Propylene Glycol (±)-1,2-propanediol; (±)-1,2-Propanediol; (S)-1,2-
Propanediol C3H8O2 123120-98-9
Ethyl Acetate Acetic acid ethyl ester C4H8O2 141-78-6
Ethyl Oleate C20H38O2 111-62-6

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Minimum Order: 1 kilograms

Ethyl acetate    Acetic acid ethyl ester
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