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Contact: Cathy
Company: Wuxi Weifu Environmental Catalysts Co., Ltd.
No. 9 Lingjiang Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China
Phone: 86-510-68076755
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Date/Time:  8/17/21 8:44 GMT

Exhaust Three-Way Catalyst Used In 3 Way Catalytic Converter Universal Euro

Gasoline Ceramic Metal Euro 4/5/6 Auto Exhaust System TWC Three-Way Catalyst

TWC Three Way Catalyst

Three-way catalysts (TWC) are designed to simultaneously convert three
pollutants to harmless emissions:

Carbon Monoxide (CO) → Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Hydrocarbons (HC) → Water (H2O)
Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) → Nitrogen (N2)
A three-way catalyst can cut CO, HC and NOx by over 99% if the air to fuel
ratio is accurately controlled. Three-way catalysts will only give full
conversion of each of these three pollutants in a gas stream containing a
stoichiometric ratio of CO and NOx.

Product introduction:

TWCs can efficiently convert harmful hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO)
and nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gas of gasoline vehicles into harmless
water (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) through oxidation-reduction

Specification Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Cell Density (CPSI)
Emission Standard
Ø80*60 80 60 200/300/400/600/750 Euro 4/5/6
Ø93*60 93 60 200/300/400/600/750 Euro 4/5/6
Ø93*75 93 75 200/300/400/600/750 Euro 4/5/6
Ø93*88.3 93 88.3 200/300/400/600/750 Euro 4/5/6
Ø93×101.6 93 101.6 200/300/400/600/750 Euro 4/5/6
Ø101.6*60 101.6 60 200/300/400/600/750 Euro 4/5/6
Ø101.6*76.2 101.6 76.2 200/300/400/600/750 Euro 4/5/6
Ø101.6*90 101.6 90 200/300/400/600/750 Euro 4/5/6
Ø101.6*100 101.6 100 200/300/400/600/750 Euro 4/5/6
Ø101.6*118 101.6 118 200/300/400/600/750 Euro 4/5/6
Ø101.6*123.3 101.6 123.3 200/300/400/600/750 Euro 4/5/6
Ø101.6*136 101.6 136 200/300/400/600/750 Euro 4/5/6
Ø101.6*152.4 101.6 152.4 200/300/400/600/750 Euro 4/5/6
Remark: Other sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.

Product advantages:

With nearly 20 years of technology accumulation, we can provide customers with
rich customized solutions. TWCs can meet Euro-VI and China-VI regulations,
especially for RDE. TWC has been mass produced and successfully applied on more
than 100 different domestic and foreign automotive projects meeting China-VI
emission standard.

As China’s leading supplier of catalysts, WEIFU has rich experience in the
development of emission control technologies for a wide range of market
applications that protect the air we breathe. Protecting the air from harmful
emissions is the focus of innovative solutions within WEIFU. New engine
technologies, tightening emission regulations and fluctuating precious metals
prices create emissions control challenges. We help make our customers more
successful with innovative, cost-effective solutions to meet the toughest
emissions control regulations. Our mission is to reduce emission for a better
living environment.

Items Contents
Product Name Three way catalyst
Material Ceramic, metal
Shape Round, oval, racetrack-shaped
Size Can be customized
Cell Density 200/300/400/600/750/900 CPSI
Application Auto exhaust system
Car Model Universal
Emission Standard Euro 4/5/6
Exhaust Three-Way Catalyst Used In 3 Way Catalytic Converter Universal Euro
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