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Fiber Laser Protective Window

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product name: Fiber laser protection window
Lens diameter: 20-55mm
thickness: 1-9mm
Material: quartz
wavelength: 1064mm
Diameter tolerance: ±0.1mm
Thickness tolerance: ±0.1mm

Different Specifications Of Different Fiber Laser Protective Window Series
series specification
20 series
20*2/20*3/22*2/22.35*4/24.9*1.5/25*2/25*3/25.4 , *4/25.4*5/26.5*5/28*2/28*4/29.7*4
30 series
30*1/30*1.5/30*2/30*3/30*4/30*5/30*5/32*3/32*4 , /34*5/36*5/37*7/38*2/38*3/38*6/
40-50 series
40*2/40*3/40*5/42*3/42*9/45*3/48*2/48*3/50*1.5 , /50*2/50*5/55*1.5/
K9 series
25*2/30*1/30*1.5/38*2/38*3/39*1.5/39*2/40*1.5/ , 40*2/40*3/42*3/48*2/48*3/50*2/
Pro Pro-x 24.9*1.5Pro/28*4Pro/30*5Pro/36*5Pro/37*7Pro/37*7Pr , o-

The Role Of Fiber Laser Protective Window

The base material of the laser protection lens/window is K9 or quartz material.
It is transparent, and it is made by grinding, polishing, coating and other
processes. It is mainly used to block debris from splashing during laser
cutting and avoid splashes from damaging the lens. Anti-reflection coatings
with high damage threshold (>15J/cm2) are coated on both sides to reduce

The primary function of laser protection lenses is to protect the focused lens
and prevent spatter from splashing on the lens to cause damage to the lens.
Regular replacement and maintenance of the lens have to be conducted, so as to
ensure the accuracy of processing. It is required that the lens is coated with
a high damage threshold (> 15J/cm2) 1064nm anti-reflection coating, which can
effectively increase the laser transmittance, reduce energy loss, and improve
the quality of processed products.

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Fiber Laser Protective Window
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