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Date/Time:  6/23/21 4:32 GMT

Fiberglass tube

Glass fiber tube is also called glass fiber tube, glass fiber sleeve, which is
a special glass fiber sleeve which is made of glass fiber woven into pipe and
treated by high temperature setting process; Glass fiber tube is divided into
silicone glass fiber tube and silicone rubber glass fiber tube.
Silicone glass fiber tube, also known as silicon casing or self quenching tube,
is made by weaving alkali free glass fiber into a tube and then dip and coat
silicone resin, and heat and cure it. The silicone rubber glass fiber tube is
composed of high quality silicone rubber layer and glass fiber braid layer,
which can be divided into two types: inner rubber outer fiber glass fiber tube
and inner fiber outer rubber glass fiber tube. According to the voltage
resistance grade, fiberglass pipes can be divided into 1.5kV glass fiber pipe,
2.5KV glass fiber pipe, 4KV glass fiber pipe and 7kv glass fiber tube.
Fiberglass tube
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